Sep 26, 2016

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Blue Marble Video Production Wins Gold at New York International Television and Film Festival

Thursday, April 17th, 2014

2014 New York Festivals

Last week in Las Vegas, Blue Marble Media principals Ben and Cara Barineau were awarded a Gold World Medal for the company’s video and motion graphics production, The Supply Chain Revolution.  Created for client Manhattan Associates, the corporate image video combines original footage shot in New York City with motion graphics that track with the action in each scene.

This year’s New York International Television and Film Festival had entries from more than 50 countries.  Other winners included ESPN, HBO, The Australian Broadcasting Corporation, ChannelNews Asia, FOX International, Fuji Television Network, 101 East for Al Jazeera English and many others for around the world.

Blue Marble was also recently  honored with  a Visionary Award from the Summit Emerging Media Awards for The Supply Chain Revolution.  The Visionary Award is the top honor for each category of the competition.

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Keep on Truckin’ … Safely

Thursday, November 14th, 2013

Lazer post 2[6]

If you think driving a semi looks difficult, you ought to see all the steps drivers have to go through to make sure they protect themselves and the valuable loads they’re delivering.

And we’re not talking about out on the open road.  We’re talking all the things that can go wrong before the truck even leaves yard.  Or when it’s backing the trailer up to the loading dock.  Or attaching a trailer to the truck, for that matter.

Preventing exactly those kinds of things was our mission when the Blue Marble crew spent one very long day filming a training video for Lazer Spot at a warehouse in McDonough, GA.


Friday, September 20th, 2013



Blue Marble recently completed a corporate image film for Manhattan Associates called, Revolution. We had a short deadline, so we very quickly had to get two guerilla-style crews to NYC for three days of intense shooting. Our goal was to capture as much symbolic and iconic b-roll as we could. Not so much to paint a portrait of New York City, but to create a backdrop for a bold, global message about commerce. (Check out the finished piece.)

NYC Blog Compilation_blacklines

Five of us hit the streets to attempt what might otherwise have been impossible without the help of our secret weapon — and this is a biggie — two cars with two local drivers. They knew the streets, they knew the short cuts … it seemed they could park just about anywhere they wanted … and they were always right where we left them when we returned to the car (with trunk open ready to stow our gear). We’d hop into our air-conditioned production office, say, “Roosevelt Island, and step on it”, check our shot list, and off we’d go. It was truly the only way to get the shots we wanted in the time we had.

So, with Cara Barineau, Ben Barineau, Michael Pietrobon, Sam Young, and Danny Corey we had some long and productive days. We shot with Canon DSLRs and of course, a Go Pro. The weather was great, the city looked great, the shots looked great. Oh, and the crew looked great too.


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