10 Reasons Every Small Business Should Use Video Marketing

There are roughly 28 million small businesses operating in the United States, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. However, statistics show that more than half of these small businesses will close their doors within their first five years. With such a high rate of failure, some entrepreneurs are reluctant to start a small business. The good news is that you can increase your chances of success by utilizing video marketing. Just check out some of the benefits it offers:

#1) Higher Search Rankings

This alone should be reason enough to use video marketing. By publishing videos on your business’s website, you’ll encourage higher search rankings. Google, Bing and other search engines love videos. Normally, you’ll find websites with videos are easier to rank than their counterparts without videos. And with a higher search ranking, you’ll generate more traffic.

#2) People Remember Video Ads

Do you remember the last banner ad you saw online? Probably not. In the past, banner advertising was a popular way for small businesses to promote their respective products and services. Now, however, Internet users largely ignore them. There’s even a term used to describe this phenomenon: “banner blindness.” But while banner ads are largely ignored, video ads are not. In fact, it’s estimated that 80% of Internet users remember video ads they’ve watched. This makes video a highly effective advertising format for small businesses.

#3) Create Sharable Content

Technically, all types of content can be shared. However, videos typically receive more shares than any other type of content. If a user enjoys watching your video, he or she may share it with their friends, family or coworkers. With each share your video receives, you’ll generate more exposure for your business, helping you accomplish your marketing goals.

#4) More Aesthetically Pleasing Than Text

There’s nothing wrong with publishing text content on your blog, website or elsewhere. However, you should consider enhancing your text-based content with video. When compared to text, videos are more aesthetically pleasing. Often filled with color and animation, they trigger a visceral response in the viewer, enticing and encouraging him or her to continue watching.

#5) Squeeze In More Content

You’ve probably heard the saying: “a picture is worth a thousand words.” Well, following this same principle, a video is worth a million words. Using video, you can squeeze in more content in less space. A 5-minute-long video, for instance, may consume several pages when transcribed as pure text on a typical website. Conversely, you could stick with a video, which would consume just a small area of a single page. Long story short, you can fit more content into less space by using video.

#6) Increase Email Click-Through Rates

Using video in your business’ emails can increase click-through rates as well. According to a study cited by American Express in 2018, emails with video generate up to 300% higher click-through rates than emails without video. Of course, click-through rates are a key metric used to measure the success of email marketing. The more recipients who click on your email links, the greater the response. If you want to capture more prospects and generate more sales with email, make video a fundamental component of your messages.

#7) Reduces Subscriber Opt-Outs

As per the CAN-SPAM Act, companies must include a method for email recipients to opt out of their messages. If a subscriber no longer wants to receive emails from your company, for instance, he or she can click the opt out link. Including video in your emails can actually reduce subscriber opt-outs by as much as 75%.

#8) Trust and Confidence

Video marketing can also help to build trust and confidence in your business’ audience. It’s not uncommon for companies to create videos of their staff and workplace, revealing the exact processes by which they operate. This type of behind-the-scenes perspective creates a strong connection with viewers, giving them greater trust in your business. Of course, trust and confidence is essential when selling a product or service. If your audience doesn’t trust your business, it’s doubtful they’ll make a purchase.

#9) Mobile Marketing

Video can compliment your business’ mobile marketing efforts. Many small business owners don’t realize that most Internet traffic now comes through mobile devices. In other words, more people access the Internet on smartphones and tablets than desktop and laptop computers. Thankfully, video is cross-compatible. Whether a user is on a smartphone, tablet or computer, he or she can view your business’ video.

#10) Educate Your Audience

Finally, video marketing can help to educate your audience. If your business sells construction equipment, for instance, you can create a video showing how the equipment works. Explainer videos such as this are an excellent means of educating a business’ audience. Unlike text, videos reveal the exact way in which a product or service works. So, for these reasons and others, every small business should use video in their regular marketing campaigns.

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