Personal, artfully crafted documentary films to be shared for generations

The most moving stories of our lives are the real, close-to-home events and memories of our own family, community, company and special causes. Blue Marble Legacy Films specializes in preserving those stories in the form of custom documentaries. Featuring interviews with you, your family members and friends and the photos, home movies, video clips and historic memorabilia that illustrate your piece of history.

It’s the Story that matters

Blue Marble Legacy Films captures the memories, experiences and true personalities of a lifetime, to produce an enduring family treasure, ready to be shared, replayed and relived again and again.

Your stories deserve careful craftsmanship to illuminate the heart, hope and beauty of a unique life well-lived.

Family History

Centered around thoughtful, in-depth, on-camera interviews, a Family History Film is a rich documentary of your family stories, as only your family can tell them.


Also known as Ethical Wills or Legacy Letters, these films allow you to speak in person to future generations about the life lessons and philosophies that shaped and guided your life.


Throughout the year, our film crews capture your family’s special events, memorable occasions and one-on-one interviews, then combine it all with music to create the story of your year.


Tell the story of your worthy honoree through on-camera interviews with friends, colleagues and family members, along with carefully curated archival photos, articles and home movies and videos.

Epic Journeys

Invite a Legacy Films crew along for all or part of a momentous family vacation or personal journey. We’ll capture the adventure, the stories, the thoughts and feelings as they occur.


Open the world’s eyes to the causes you care most about. We’ll help you tell the story of the need that exists and the work being done to fulfill it.


Is there a momentous event coming up for your family, company or organization? Invite a Legacy Films crew to document your landmark celebration. We’ll create a cinematic quality documentary you’ll be proud to share for many years to come.

Jackie Sherman An Ethical Legacy film

Jackie Sherman

An Ethical Legacy film

Watch the 30-second trailer


BLUE MARBLE IS THE Official Video Partner of Jewish Future Pledge

The making of a legacy film

A Blue Marble Legacy Film can be completed in as little as 3 to 4 weeks for coverage of an event or for a subject requiring minimal research and shoot locations. More complex documentaries can take two months to a year, depending on the amount of research, number of interviews, number of shoot locations, etc.

All Legacy Film productions follow the same basic process.

Discovering Your Story

We’ll assign a dedicated producer, director and writer to your project. They’ll meet with you to listen, ask questions and pour over your photos and memories. Tell us exactly what you have in mind, or let our creative team help shape and craft the story of a lifetime.

Budget and Scheduling

Based on your input and ideas, our team presents a proposed budget and production schedule that maps out the costs and timeline for creating your show.

Research, Interviews, Shooting & Script

Depending on the needs of your documentary, this phase could include historical research, conducting interviews with family, friends or others, writing a script, and cinema quality video shoots at various locations.

Music, sound, narration and final edit

Once your show has been scripted and shot, it’s time to create the soundtrack including any narration, music and sound effects. It’s also time to edit all the elements into a finished production for your approval.

A Personal Passion Brought to Life

Blue Marble Legacy Films is the inspiration of award-winning directors Ben and Cara Barineau, founders of Blue Marble, one of the nation’s premier producers of high-profile corporate films. The Barineaus dreamed of focusing their storytelling talents on the personal events and stories of private families and individuals.

With Blue Marble Legacy Films and its team of top industry professionals, the Barineaus are bringing to life their vision of professional film production for the private individual.

Blue Marble folks and clients on a shoot in North Georgia

After 26 years of creating high-profile, award-winning video for business, we realized there’s a need to bring this level of craft and storytelling to families and individuals.

– Ben & Cara Barineau

Let’s talk about your story

Whether it’s a family story that spans centuries and continents – or a tribute video about the accomplishments of a single family member – a Blue Marble Legacy Film captures and preserves the people and events for generations to come.
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