Our Process

Blue Marble follows a highly successful production process that we’ve been fine-tuning for over 20 years.

First, your project is assigned a Producer who will become your main point of contact throughout the project. We’ll also assemble a creative team that includes at least one if not both of our company’s principals, who are also our creative directors.

The hallmark of the Blue Marble process is our inclusion of client feedback and approvals throughout the production process, which is mapped out in advance in a calendar-based Production Schedule. Depending on the needs of your project, we’ll seek your input and sign-off on:

Step 1: Discovery

In order to develop a production schedule and cost estimate for your project, we’ll need your input. more >>

  • Goals and purpose of the video project
  • Intended audiences
  • Desired approach (humor, documentary style, dialogue driven, motion graphics/animation, etc.)
  • Content needs and considerations (interviews, travel, locations, etc.)
  • Brand guidelines and considerations
  • Length requirements
  • Usage (on the web, at trade shows or meetings, email blast, etc.)
  • Time needed for approvals of script, storyboards, etc.
  • Budget parameters

Step 2:Creative Development

Next, following your acceptance of a budget and schedule, our team begins brainstorming two to three (or more) creative concepts designed to achieve the goals and objectives you’ve laid out for the video, within the budget and schedule you’ve approved.  BTW, if you like being part of the creative process, you’re welcome to join the brainstorming sessions!

Step 3: Preproduction

Now our team moves into high gear.  So much to accomplish in order to be ready for a shoot: more >>

  • Script
  • Design Comps
  • Storyboard
  • Scheduling of crew, equipment, studios
  • Set construction
  • Props and wardrobe
  • Shoot locations
  • Permits
  • Auditions and Casting of actors
  • Travel arrangements
  • Food and catering
  • Music Search

Step 4:  Production

Lights, camera, action.  You know the drill. Depending on the needs of your video this could be a single day or a several weeks of shooting, animating and recording audio.

Step 5: Post Production

This is where the real magic happens – in the edit suite.  Depending on your project, this can be one of the longest phases of the production — to carefully craft a finished video from all the many pieces that go into making a show.