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Do You Remember….

This video chronicles the rise — and fall — of well-known websites from 1995 to 2023. This video is over 9 minutes long, but it’s well worth the watch. Watch for the milestones that appear over the timeline — they’ll remind you when new players enter the race. When will AOL fall from #1? Spoiler alert: Google will (eventually) rise to #1.

– Damir Brajdic, Creative Director

Ocean to Air message

This SmartPhone video has been viral on TikTok. During takeoff, a woman leaving on her first trip to Europe gets an infinity sign from the wake of her Dad’s boat in the ocean below. Pretty cool!

– Cara Barineau, President/Creative Director

Our National Sport

Actually, not our national sport. It’s the question being VERY hotly debated all over Australia in this awesome advert for TAB, an online betting company in Australia and New Zealand.

– Cara Barineau, President/Creative Director

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We are thrilled with the end product!!! Excellent work! Thank you so much for keeping us on our timeline and making the final push the last few days.


CFO, Utilities Industry

You all are so easy to work with and are really delivering some great work for us! Just wanted to pass along the appreciation I have for it!


Director, Marketing, Software Industry

The videos had an average 80% completion rate among viewers, making it one of the most successful paid media ads we’ve run in the past 5 years.


Director of Digital Marketing
Government Industry 

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