2020 Leftover-Budget Stocking Stuffers

Small but powerful video projects bring joy to your 2021 marketing.

It’s been a very joyous time at our house the last few weeks. Seasonal drinks have returned! Which means we’ve made it to the end of the year, people!

Last weekend in a peppermint mocha bliss, I started collecting my 2020 calendars, thrilled to be rid of this dumpster fire, only to realize there’s a couple of weeks left in the year. Given the trend…that’s more than enough time for an extinction level meteor to hit us.

You fight hard for your budget. Use it!
This was a tough year. A lot of businesses didn’t make it and those that did made a lot of hard calls. No trade shows. No conferences. No travel. But maybe those cancelations mean you’re ending the year with money left in your budget.

Sooooooo…rather than longing for the year to end, let’s see the gingerbread latte as half full. You fought for that money and there’s still time to put it to use. Is there an underdog product group begging for money? Maybe throw them a bone. (Ha. Sorry, that’s all the hazelnut creamer.) Go ahead and invest in video infrastructure for your virtual events in 2021. There are a variety of video solutions that can deliver big impact using those left-over-budgets and end-of-the-year time frames.

Add some bling to your brand with an animated logo.
A perfect example is the animated logo we recently created for the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra. It’s a small but powerful addition to their marketing toolkit that can be used during performances, in branded videos, and social media posts for years to come.

Since Zoom events are already on the calendar for next year, create an animated or motion graphics bumper between speakers. Whether it’s the annual kick-off meeting, an award ceremony, or user conference, these short transition videos can be tailored to your event’s theme, adding polish and branding to your virtual events.

Another way to make your virtual events more prime-time is by pre-recording your CEO’s address. If you’re not already doing this, your leaders will benefit from practice and multiple takes, and the audience doesn’t need to know it wasn’t live. Everyone, audience and speakers alike, benefits when leaders are presented in the best possible light.

Share your 2020 success stories with an Interview Video.
A video style with a relatively quick turn-around is interview based video. Do your clients have amazing 2020 success stories? What about your team? Maybe they came through with an innovative solution or your product helped a client pull through the crisis. In a year when murder-hornets were not even a B-plot, get those successes on record and use the testimonials as part of your virtual events.

Yes, we’re all tired, but don’t let 2020 rack up any more losses in time and productivity. Use what’s left of the year and your budget on an underdog product. Add a little flair to your logo. Make sure the year’s successes aren’t forgotten. There’s still time for you and your team to have a productive end of the year. Then toast 2021 with an eggnog latte and no regrets. Except maybe the eggnog latte.

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