3 Ways a Video Agency of Record Saves You Time, Money and Headaches

The clock on your latest video project just started ticking: how are you spending the time you’ve got left? Are you losing a week bidding it out, then losing another week – or more – bringing a new video agency up to speed on your industry, your product, and, ultimately: you?

Or you could start right now.

Delivering  new videos to your target audiences depends as much on speed and efficiency as any other part of your business. That’s why you need a video agency of record (VAR) to solve three problems standing in your way.

Bypass the bidding

Dad always said to get three quotes. But when it comes to marketing timelines, dad’s way is already out of date. (Sorry, Dad.) When your competitor’s coming out with a new product or you need to respond to this morning’s market news, time is of the essence.

Getting bids from video agencies takes time that nimble marketers  don’t have. You wouldn’t try to onboard a fresh team of new employees for every  project, so why would you rebid for every new video?

With a video agency of record, the upfront work is already done because you’re already connected with a partner who’s virtually a part of your team. You’re not stuck in a bidding process that could take weeks. You’re not waiting on your procurement department to vet references. What are you doing?  Hitting your deadlines – and your goals.

Stop re-explaining everything

Cutting through a sea of bidders doesn’t just mean avoiding the procurement process. It also means not having to sit in a dozen meetings to explain your business for the thousandth time.

A VAR learns your industry, products, competition and all your company’s nuances, including how to avoid potential landmines. You’re freed-up from constantly training because you now have a new creative partner that moves as fast as you do.

Your partnership with a single company earns you a level of knowledge that’s more like what you’d expect in an in-house team member. And that partnership goes both ways.

Stay at the front of the line

A VAR partnership means your needs get pushed to the front of the line.  And, you’ll often find that a VAR is willing to be much more flexible about mutually beneficial pricing and packaging.

Creativity isn’t just for marketing: it’s also essential when you’re thinking about your budgets.

Three big wins, one smart solution

Marketing is all about being nimble, smart and creative: a VAR relationship gives you all three. Why choose more headaches?

To learn how building a relationship with a video agency of record can strengthen your brand while improving production efficiency, drop us a line. (As an award-winning video agency of record, we know what we’re talking about!)

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