3 Ways Video Boosts Compliance

From vaccine info to safety and data security — video transforms risk management communications into compelling content

If keeping employees safe and data secure are always top priorities, then 2020 raised the bar across every industry. Mandatory masks. “Private” meetings on Zoom, Teams and other conferencing platforms. Hand sanitizing stations. Data sharing in the cloud. Empty break rooms because communal pastry baskets are now a super spreader event.

In addition to the safety and compliance measures in place before COVID-19, there’s now a profusion of new protocols and guidelines in place making communication in the areas of risk management and compliance more important than ever. Not only do employees need to understand the rules — they also need to observe them. Video is an effective tool to make that happen.

Video makes your message accessible, engaging and memorable

New for 2021 is essential information regarding vaccine distribution, safety and company policy regarding the need to be vaccinated. Employees have questions and concerns that need to be addressed. Does the vaccine really work? Is it safe? Am I eligible? When and where do I get it? What is our policy regarding vaccination and returning to work in-person?

How can you help your employees take in all these changes and alleviate doubts? By using video to make information accessible and memorable.

Blue Marble has done a lot of work in the areas of compliance and risk management and we’ve found video is one of the most effective ways to communicate rules and guidelines in ways that lead to compliance.

Three types of B2B videos work especially well for effective compliance

CDC Safe Injection Practices
Using Animation to Tell A Story

Poor Joe. He was just an ordinary guy living his life when a hip injury led him to visit his doctor. There, Joe accidentally received an injection from a contaminated vial of pain medicine, developed a terrible infection that put him in the hospital, and wound up the subject of a cautionary tale we created in motion graphics for the CDC Foundation.

Why the drama?

Because safe injection practices can literally mean the difference between life and death, we chose to explain them using one of the most proven and effective teaching tools, storytelling.

From mythology and legend to parables and fables, humans have always learned best through storytelling. Stories make the lessons memorable and relatable — whether the subject is cybersecurity protocols, healthcare procedures, safety practices and just about any other important message. (Remember the lesson of The Tortoise and The Hare — Slow and Steady Wins the Race? I rest my case.)

Animated storytelling offers some added benefits: travel through time, set your story in space or under a microscope, use a cast of Zombies or Pilgrims — you’re only limited by your imagination. Bonus Benefit: 100% pandemic-safe production process!

Atlanta Jewish Film Festival
The Power of Video Testimonials

A personal story is one of the most compelling ways to change minds and influence behavior. Use video to allow your customers and employees to speak from-the-heart with stories that illustrate why compliance is essential.

It’s a powerful “bandwagon effect” we’ve seen work across diverse industries and audiences that leads to real change. “That guy sounds like me. If it’s important to him, it’s probably important to me, too.”

Bonus Benefit: Customer and employee testimonials can easily be recorded from home or following social distancing guidelines.

Although the topic wasn’t Compliance, this video for the Atlanta Jewish Film Festival is a good example of the power of testimonials.

Lazer Spot Safety Compliance
Transforming a Talking Head Instructional

A modest budget is no excuse for a boring video. A creative combination of music and sound effects can take a basic talking head instructional video to the next level.

Check out how we used this technique to create an instructional video for Lazer Spot reminding their drivers of important safety procedures.

The right video approach for your message isn’t always the most expensive. Don’t underestimate the power of creative, simple and fun.

Minimize Risk Through Effective Video Communication

2021 will be a year of higher standards and new protocols in risk management across all industries. Make sure that essential information is communicated in the most effective means possible. Whether it’s data management, mask mandates or vaccination info, video can make your message memorable and drive compliance.

Help your employees stay safe. Help your customer’s orders stay on track. Help your company’s bottom line with video.

If you have important safety and compliance information to communicate, shoot us an email, and let’s brainstorm how to get your message across with video. Contact Page

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