It’s Budget Planning Season!

6 high-impact video projects for big results in 2022.

It’s Budget Planning Season again. Are you looking for smart solutions to help deliver on key goals and initiatives in the coming year? Here’s a recap of 6 strategic B2B video projects that got big jobs done for our clients in 2021. Perhaps one of these heavy-lifting videos could be just the ticket to deliver on your marketing goals in 2022.

Boost your Product Marketing with a Brand Video 

Every once in a while, smart product marketers need to step back from the hard value propositions and give a little love to the brand that stands behind the product. 

Like the brand video we created for the Georgia Department of Economic Development this year, to help move their Center of Innovation from the background to center stage for some heightened brand building. 

Improve your Customer Support Experience with On-Brand How-To Videos

Customer Support videos are huge in 2021. For many reasons. 

  • Wait times can be infuriating when you just need a quick answer to get on with your task
  • Online support videos give your customers immediate access to the help they need
  • Based on YouTube trends, the vast majority of people online prefer How-To video vs. articles and other resources
  • Call centers and support desks are expensive, difficult to staff, and get bogged down with repeats of the same simple questions 

Well-produced, on-brand How-To Videos provide significant support for most client inquiries, lighten the load on your customer support team to better serve those customers, and maintain or build your brand love at the same time. A real win-win that can pay for itself in many ways.

Do a Customer Case Study. The video project that keeps on giving.

Most people would agree — in marketing, few things are more convincing to your customer than a firsthand story of success from someone they can relate to. The centerpiece of a great Video Case Study is one or more interviews with satisfied customers sharing firsthand details about their outstanding experience.  

What makes the humble Video Case Study even more attractive to the smart 2022 budget planner is its versatility. Use it as a lead magnet on your website, as an engaging part of a social media campaign, or to equip your salespeople with an effective tool for one-on-one customer meetings. Video Case Studies even make terrific recruitment and orientation tools. Think of it as the Swiss army knife in your marketing toolkit. 

Rally Your Internal Audience with a Brand or New Product Video just for them 

When it comes to brand image, most experts would argue that your most important audience is internal.  So, rally your workforce and get them singing from the same brand song book. Introduce new products or create a Brand Manifesto Video with messaging targeted specifically to those internal brand ambassadors.  

Like the powerful video we created for Manhattan Associates, While Others Sleep. Oh, and another great point about workforce-focused brand and product videos? With just a few small tweaks to the narration, you now have a great video for your external customer audience.

Do a Mini-Series for a Social Media Campaign 

Instead of just one long video do a series of short videos for website updates and social media campaign use.  It’s a great way to get more bang for your buck out of a video shoot budget.

Check out this series we did for SAP. 

Break through and Connect with Animation 

What is it about animation that can instantly harness the attention of an entire room of grownups just as easily as it does a single viewer scrolling through social media?  We don’t exactly know, but we’ve seen it work its magic time and again.

Of course, making the abstract easy to understand is an obvious use for animation. But, whatever the job, it’s almost always the perfect way to break through the clutter and command attention. And with unlimited styles of illustration and effects, the possibilities for setting exactly the right tone are pretty endless, too.

These are just a few of the strategic video projects that got the big jobs done for our clients in 2021. We’d love to chat about how we can help you get the job done in 2022.

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