6 Ways to Make a Big Impression with Video Walls

Walls are working much harder these days with the addition of multi-screen video presentations. Of course, video walls have been around for a long time, mostly used at trade shows and exhibits. But lately, more and more organizations are looking to capture the power of video on the walls of their corporate headquarter lobbies, customer sales centers, employee training facilities, commercial and residential real estate offices, museums, cultural centers and more.

Executive Floors

C-Suite executives have unique needs when meeting with strategic clients and partners, members of the press, important prospects and other guests.  A video wall creates a powerful impression of the company.  Interactive capabilities allow executives to customize presentations on the fly for a unique, high-level experience.

When community leaders and corporate customers of a large regional bank in Atlanta enter its C-Suite they encounter a five screen interactive experience we created that serves up a variety of thoughtfully designed infographic  and video-driven presentations. 

In its resting  mode, the wall content operates as a quietly changing digital mural featuring portrait photography emphasizing the customer-centric, aspirational promise at the core of the company’s brand. 

Customer Briefing Centers

Business these days seems to live on screens – even when it’s face-to-face. The more considered the purchase, the longer the decision cycle, the more multi-screen presentations can help you create the perfect environment for effective “big idea selling.” There’s no better way to share an experience or demonstrate capabilities.

Sales Centers

In most new real estate construction projects, sales need to get underway well before there’s a building or unit available to walk through.  Instead of asking a prospective tenant to ‘imagine’ their signage or view or anything else – a purpose built video wall can provide a scaled-up look and feel not otherwise possible.

It’s why The Bellevue Collection, a luxury market multi-use development near Seattle and their agency  The Voyager Group  turned to us to create an immersive eight screen experience. Before ground was broken, we were able to bring to life the caliber of ultra-luxe shopping, dining, entertainment and office environments soon to be available.

Corporate Gathering Spaces

These days, most corporate employees never see the inside of their employer’s national or global headquarters.  Instead, they’re dispersed across a variety of regional and local offices in towns and cities that are hundreds, even thousands of miles apart.  

For these employees, companies are turning to  video walls to create a sense of community and  a kind of digital “Town Center.” With the ability to deliver a common feed of important corporate news and strategic brand messaging, video walls offer far flung offices a feeling of connectedness and shared culture.

Trade Shows and Exhibits

Video walls have long found a home within booths and exhibits on the trade show floor.  Massive screen configurations can attract visitors from across the convention hall. Up close they provide everything from brand messaging and product demos to interactive touchscreen presentations. And nothing closes off the chaos and distractions of a trade show like a suite featuring a video wall dedicated to creating a world built around your offerings, your customers, your messages and always on your brand. 


Video walls don’t always have to sell.  They’re also great additions to museums and other exhibits.

We’ve been very excited and proud to have created dynamic presentations at Atlanta’s High Museum of Art and also at the David J. Spencer Museum at the CDC Headquarters. 

When Atlanta’s High Museum hosted the MOMA 100 years of Modern Art exhibit, we created a 6-screen video timeline that paired moments and events in world history to landmark works of art from the same time period. 

At the CDC Museum, we created a series of short behind-the-scenes documentaries  to accompany displays of artwork from six American artists. The presentation detailed their inspiration and artistic interpretation of a public health imperative – washing hands.

Georgia-Pacific, the exhibit’s corporate sponsor, asked us to create a new presentation from the CDC artist documentaries on a video wall of multi-sized screens we helped them design for trade show use. 

It all stacks up

If you’re thinking about how to utilize a video wall or ready for a fresh take on an existing installation, we’d love to answer your questions or help brainstorm ideas. Call us at 404-982-9552 or connect here.

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