6 Ways to Supercharge Your Sales Funnel with Video

It’s Marketing 101 – Meet the Customer Where They Are.  That means giving them exactly what they want and need at every step of the sales journey.  It’s why today all of us in Marketing constantly end up referring to the time-honored Sales Funnel.

And the best way to give the customer just the information they want – right when they need it?  Video.  But not just any video – you need the ever-expanding spectrum of video tools to best communicate with your customers throughout the sales journey. 

Match the right video solution to each stage of the Sales Funnel 

Interestingly, that “ever-expanding spectrum” aligns beautifully  with the concept behind the Sales Funnel.  When you understand how to match different forms and styles of video content to the various stages of the sales journey you can, literally, turbo-charge your marketing efforts.

Awareness – The Top of The Funnel  

Early in the sales journey, your customer may not even realize a purchase is in their future.   It’s the perfect time to capture their imagination and interest with big ideas and concepts that firmly plant your brand on their radar.  The Brand Manifesto or Brand Image Video is perfect for capturing audiences at the very top of the funnel.

Interest – Investigating the Possibilities 

A need has presented itself and the shopping is about to begin!  But first, your customers are looking for the companies with the best solutions – the leading brands  in the industry.  A compelling Corporate Overview Video paints a picture of your company as a market leader.  It’s the view from 30,000 feet. Presenting capabilities, introducing products and services offered, categories served.

Engagement – Let the Comparison Shopping Begin

Your audience’s focus is on the details now, so help them get a close-up view with Product Videos that highlight benefits and features, Case Study Videos that show off how a particular customer has benefittedand Use Case Videos that allow your customer to see how your product or service works in familiar business scenarios.

Close the Deal – The Final Push to Purchase

Although  your customer may swear “it’s all about the numbers,” –   even in the B2B world –  a purchase is an emotional decision. Customer Testimonial Videos are often just the nudge your customer needs to feel confident to move forward with your brand

Post-Sale Support  – Keep Your Client Warm and Happy

Indexed and searchable, easily available expertise is a new expectation for many customers. It can be how to find a reset button or providing A-to-Z guides. Step-by-Step Demo Videos are a game changer in driving up customer satisfaction, while helping drive down the cost of real time customer support desks.

Happy Customer – Make Them the Star of Their Own Case Study

Who doesn’t want to feel like a star?  In the past, there was only so much room on a conference panel or trade show stage.  Now’s the time to put your customer in the spotlight – while also keeping your pipeline full of new case studies and testimonials for future marketing. 

Whether you’re trying to expand the top of your company’s funnel or shorten or extend any section in the process – no matter what the challenge is to your project – we’d love to hear about it. 

If you’d like to see or hear more from us – let’s connect or call us at 404-982-9552.

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