7 Reasons Why Your Company’s Website Needs Video

Does your company’s website feature video content? If not, you should consider adding it. It’s a simple and effective way to enhance your company’s presence on the web in more ways than one. Here are seven undeniable reasons why every company website needs video.

#1) Generates More Conversions

Adding video to your company’s website can help you generate more conversions. One study found that landing pages with video generate 80% more conversions than landing pages without video. Research also shows that 64% of consumers are more likely to buy a product after watching an online video about that product.

Whether your goal is to sell a product, sell a service or generate leads, however, video can help. Using video on your company’s website keeps visitors engaged and encourages them to take action.

#2) Encourages Higher Search Rankings

Video can help you achieve a higher search ranking for your company’s website. And as your site’s ranking increases, it will attract more traffic and visibility, all of which can drive more sales.

Google uses hundreds of different signals to determine a website’s ranking, the most influential being content quality. Websites with unique, high-quality content typically rank higher than websites with low-quality content competing for the same keyword. As explained by digital marketing experts at Search Engine Land, “video is “evidence of quality content.” When search engines crawl your website, they’ll notice your video and use this information to determine an appropriate ranking for your site. This doesn’t necessarily mean that your site will instantly climb to the #1 spot in Google, but adding high-quality, relevant videos can certainly help you achieve a higher search ranking.

#3) Creates Condensed Messages

Video also allows you to create condensed messages on your website. You’ve probably heard the saying that a picture is worth a thousand words. Well, Forrester Research estimates that every minute of online video is equal to 1.8 million text words. This makes video a particularly useful tool for conveying messages on your company’s website. With video, you create condensed, concise messages to which your site’s visitors respond more positively.

#4) Promotes Brand Recall

Successful business owners know the importance of brand awareness. Ideally, you want your target audience to immediately think of your business when exposed to a type of product or service that you offer. Using video on your company’s website can help you achieve greater brand recall.

A study conducted by HubSpot found that 80% of consumers remember videos they’ve watched in the past month. This is because videos, unlike text, are highly visual and captivating. They create a deeper, stronger connection with the user, increasing the chance that he or she will remember the video later. For business owners, this means better brand recall and awareness.

#5) Encourages Social Sharing

You’ll probably notice your company’s website being shared more frequently on social media if it contains video content. Video is one of the most shared types of content on social media. If a visitor likes your site’s video, he or she may share that page on Facebook. This, of course, creates additional exposure and traffic for your company’s website.

You can further boost the social media sharing power of video by including “share this” buttons next to your videos. Granted, users don’t have to click these buttons to share it on social media. But including buttons for Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. makes the process a little easier, which in turn yields more social shares.

#6) Attracts Backlinks

Videos can also attract more backlinks for your company’s website. Backlinks are important for two specific reasons: first, search engines use them as a ranking signal, meaning this can help your site achieve a higher search ranking. It may not hold quite the same weight as content quality, but backlinks are a key ranking signal used by search engines nonetheless.

Secondly, backlinks can send direct traffic to your site. Every time someone clicks the link, they’ll be taken to your company’s website. If you want higher search rankings and more traffic, use video content on your site.

#7) Keeps Visitors on Your Site

It’s also worth mentioning that video will keep visitors on your company’s website for longer. So, why is this important? Conventional wisdom should tell you that you won’t be generating sales or conversions if visitors leave immediately or shortly after accessing your site.

Furthermore, search engines pay attention to the amount of time visitors spend on websites. If visitors leave within two seconds of accessing your site, search engines will assume your site has irrelevant content, in which case they’ll respond by lowering your site’s ranking. On the other hand, if visitors stay on your site for several minutes or longer, they’ll assume it contains relevant and interesting content; thus, boosting your site’s search ranking.

These are just a few reasons why you should use video on your company’s website. You’ll probably notice other benefits after investing in high-quality video content.

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