Are Explainer Videos Effective? These Statistics Say ‘Yes’

When planning a video marketing strategy for your company, you might be wondering whether to use explainer videos.

A type of informational video focused on educating viewers about a specific topic, explainer videos have become increasingly popular in recent years. You can now find them on YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, Twitter and other video-sharing platforms. But are explainer videos really worth the investment of your company’s time and resources?

97% of Businesses Say Explainer Videos Are an Effective Educational Tool

According to OptinMonster, 97% of businesses that have tried explainer videos say they are an effective tool for educating potential customers about their business and its products or services. By comparison, commercially focused videos focus on selling a product or service.  As a result, viewers tend regard explainer videos as a more credible and reliable source of information.

45% of  Explainer Videos are Displayed on Company Home Page

So, it’s no wonder nearly  half of all businesses using explainer videos in their digital marketing strategy display them on their home page, according to Wyzowl. With the home page receiving the bulk of a website’s traffic, this statistic attests to the power of explainer videos. If they weren’t effective, businesses wouldn’t display them on their home page.

83% of Businesses Say Explainer Videos on the Home Page are Effective

In fact, in the same report cited above, Wyzowl says that 83% of businesses displaying explainer videos on their home page believe it’s an effective digital marketing tactic.

Consumers Want to See More Explainer Videos From Brands Than Any Other Type of Video

Explainer videos aren’t just effective for marketing purposes;  they promote a high level of user satisfaction. A report published by HubSpot found that consumers are more interested in viewing explainer videos than any other type of brand video. After surveying a large pool of consumers, researchers discovered that 39% of consumers said they wanted to see more explainer videos, while 20% wanted to see more viral entertainment videos and 12% wanted to see more product demo videos.


Animated Explainer Videos Boost Conversion Rates By 20%

If you’re planning to advertise your company online using a landing page, consider adding an explainer video to it. According to Renderforest, animated explainer videos — explainer videos created with animation rather than recorded in live action — boost conversion rates by 20% on average.  Explainer videos are useful for landing page optimization because they educate viewers about the product or service, allowing them to make a better-informed purchasing decision.

47% of Businesses Say Explainer Videos Have Improved Their Customer Service

A separate report found that 47% of businesses use explainer videos to improve their customer service. How can explainer videos improve your company’s level of customer service? Well, consider that if a customer has a question about one of your products, he or she probably isn’t going to take the time and effort to contact your company directly for assistance.   If they can’t find the information they want online, they could end up shopping with a competitor.  Or, if it’s a question about a product they’ve already purchased from you, an explainer video can help customers resolve issues on their, without ever having to contact your customer service department.

Consumers Prefer 1-Minute Explainer Videos

You don’t have to produce long 10- or 30-minute explainer videos. While you can experiment with different lengths, statistics show that consumers prefer one-minute explainer videos the most. One minute seems to offer a balanced length to which consumers respond positively.

Short Explainer Videos Under 15 Seconds Receive the Most Social Shares

For the highest number of social shares, creating even shorter explainer videos is recommended.  According to ideaMachineStudio, 15-second and shorter explainer videos generate 37% more shares on social media than longer explainer videos.

77% of Viewers Watch Explainer Videos for at Least 2 Minutes

Longer explainer videos can still generate results, however. According to The Draw Shop, over three-quarters of viewers will watch an explainer video for at least two minutes.  Of course, many viewers will watch explainer videos for longer than two minutes — especially if they have a deep interest in your product. The bottom line is that you shouldn’t limit your company’s video marketing efforts strictly to short explainer videos. Including longer explainer videos can help you generate stronger results.

Explainer Videos Increase Chances of a First-Page Google Ranking by 50%

In the same report previously cited, The Draw Shop says web pages with explainer videos are 50 times more likely to rank on Google’s first page than web pages without explainer videos. How are explainer videos able to boost a web page’s Google rankings exactly? While there’s no guarantee that adding an explainer video to your company’s website will increase its search rankings, we do know that explainer videos increase “dwell time,” meaning visitors will stay longer on your company’s website. Search engines will notice the longer dwell time, and they may respond by increasing your site’s search rankings.

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