Benchmarking to Breakthrough

Breakthrough video begins with a great concept. Where do great concepts come from?  Read on…

The #1, most-frequently asked question by Blue Marble clients (drumroll, please): “How’d you come up with the name Blue Marble?” (cymbal hit, for effect)

Our favorite answer: Because Universal Studios was already taken. (Rim shot followed by polite chuckles)

BTW, there actually is a story behind the Blue Marble name, but right now I want to focus on the second most frequently asked question: “How do you guys come up with so many good ideas?”

That’s an easy answer. Benchmarking.

Not your boring, nap-inducing business variety of benchmarking

In business, benchmarking is often used as a way of improving your company’s processes and practices by evaluating similar processes and practices at other, highly successful companies.

Sorry — I think I just nodded off for just a second.
Fortunately for us, benchmarking is a little different for those of us in the creative space. It’s not just about being up-to-date on the practices and technology of the best of the best. We use benchmarking to stay inspired.

In fact, benchmarking is the foundation of our creative process. It’s the secret sauce. The key ingredient. It’s not just the first step — it’s a constant way of life at Blue Marble.
That’s because all great video starts with a great concept or creative idea. Everything else flows from there: script, storyboard, shooting or animation style, choice of actor(s) or narrator, music and sound effects, editing style, etc.

And great concepts can come from LOTS of sources: viral videos, movies, commercials, TV and streaming series. An internet meme or an art exhibit. A billboard, a website, a skit on SNL. An awards festival. A print ad. You get the idea.

Where to start? Vimeo and Motionographer

So what are some of our favorite sources of inspiration? Way more than we can list here, but for starters, our team regularly checks out sites like Vimeo and Motionographer. Vimeo Staff Picks are a great source of cutting-edge creative in short films, music videos, animation, documentaries, and, yes, even business videos. Motionographer features innovative motion graphics used in everything from video shorts and television title sequences to commercials and student projects. For the best creative specifically in advertising and design, we’re regular subscribers to Communication Arts.

Blue Marble Pro Tip: Don’t begin video benchmarking if any obligations require your attention in the next hour. Or two. There’s a LOT of great work out there and it’s easy to get lost in the creativity. If that seems like a commitment your team doesn’t have time to make, Blue Marble has you covered.

And of course, with more than twenty-five years in business, we’ve got a lot of experience transforming all that inspiration into original concepts uniquely tailored to get the big jobs done for our clients, large and small. From global brands to mom-and-pop shops … making everything from supply chain software to fly-fishing rods handcrafted in the North Georgia mountains. (True story. Awesome shoot.)

That’s the power of benchmarking. At Blue Marble we don’t get inspired. We stay inspired.

If you’re interested in how video can help your business breakthrough and be heard, just connect with us through our website or call 404-982-9552. Blue Marble has been supporting businesses through video for more than 25 years, and we’ll work with you to brainstorm possibilities that fit your needs and your resources.

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