Eight Essentials to Consider when Producing a B2B Video: Part 2

As we shared in part one of our video primer, we lay out the eight most important steps nearly every video production moves through. Here are steps five through eight – ready to share with anyone new to video creation.

5. Talent Scouting

The term “talent” goes beyond just onscreen actors.  Anyone who’s recorded in the video, such as a narrator or on–camera host, also counts as talent.   But not all “talent” is equally qualified.

If at all possible, resist the urge to rely exclusively on fellow employees or friends and family rather than trained actors.  

Sure, they may have taken a turn in the high school play.  But, paid professionals are experienced at memorizing dialogue, consistently following specific directions and sounding natural on camera.  

Skills that can save you a lot of anxiety, time and money during the shoot.  

Remember,  a paid actor is probably way less expensive than an entire crew that has to be paid for overtime work.  Just be sure you weigh all the positives and negatives before deciding what to do. We’re always here to advise, as well.

6. Location Scouting

The right filming locations can make or break a video.  Of course the look is important, but is it noisy?  Is there enough room for camera, lights and crew? What if there’s bad weather?

Sometimes, the best answer is to shoot everything in a studio where you have total control over the environment. 

7.  Shooting

You’re ready to shoot the video! With script in hand and location selected, the crew and talent will head out to finally make your vision a reality.

Keep in mind that shooting a video can be a lengthy process. Even if that final video is only one to two minutes, filming almost always takes at least a full day or two — often more.  That way, you can be sure to have plenty of time for multiple takes to get great performances.   

Also, every scene change requires stopping to reset cameras, lights, and props, make wardrobe changes and makeup refreshes.  And, of course, always plan on something unexpected throwing a monkey wrench into everything.

8. Editing

You’re almost at the finish line. The final step in the video production process is editing. This is both a technical and artistic process that involves cutting together the best scenes, adding sound effects, music and graphics, to create the perfect story. The editing team works closely with you during this process to ensure the final video is exactly what you’re hoping for.

That’s a Wrap
All the steps laid out above are critical to ensuring your video project is homerun. We know because it’s the process we’ve been perfecting for nearly 30 years. 

Give us a shout anytime or call 404-982-9552, and we’ll be happy to review the typical process and offer some insight into what could be right for the project you have in mind.

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