How We Helped LotVision Stand Out in the Parking Lot

Ever squinted at a baking hot parking lot crammed with clone-like gray sedans, each one identical to the last? Yep, us too. And trust us, when the temperature’s hitting 100, things start to get real blurry. That’s the pickle we found ourselves in when we took on the job of making Cox 2 M’s LotVision tech stand out in the world of car dealerships and mega auctions.

Tell ‘Em What They Need to Know.

What makes LotVision unique? The device, discreetly plugged into each vehicle’s OBD port, beams real-time information such as fuel level, charge status, and VIN numbers. But the real value of its technology isn’t in its data: it’s in the time savings.

To demonstrate the benefits of LotVision’s technology, we kept it simple. We leaned on the power of contrast, illustrating what dealership operations looked like both before and after the adoption of LotVision. With LotVision, the mundane, time-consuming task of manual vehicle inspection becomes a breeze, giving staff and customers the priceless gift of time. No longer drained by manual tasks, everyone is left with more energy for what truly matters by the end of the day.

The Payoff

Striking the right tone in our messaging was a careful balancing act. We blended informative content with a dash of humor, showing how having a single point of contact for all that complicated information turned a mad dash into a focused search. Solution: found.

In fact, we were so dedicated to the task that we didn’t even mind getting our own golf cart to navigate the lot during our ten-hour shoot in the blistering heat. The sweat and sunburn were a small price to pay for seeing our client stand out in their field. In the crowded parking lot of business, LotVision is now more than just another gray sedan.

Want to stand out? Drop us a line! We’d love to talk (especially if you’ve got air conditioning).

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