Kick Off Your Live Event With a Video Opener

B2B businesses are all about relationship-building. That’s why they usually can’t rely on mainstream marketing to get their message out to the people who need to hear it. Imagine offering a buy-one-get-one promotion to close a multi-million dollar deal. Yeah, right… So, what better way to really connect than at a live event?

Now that live events are back, consider using a video opener to set the tone for your conference.

Video Opener Basics

It’s Day One of your conference. Guests are slowly making their way into the ballroom for General Session. They’re checking emails, listening to voicemails and spotting acquaintances they haven’t seen since your last event. Their minds are focused on just about everything BUT your conference.  

Before your presenters hit the stage, you’ll want this audience focused and paying attention. That’s the job of a video opener – to get attendees into their seats, cell phones silenced, and minds focused on the presentations ahead.

The sample above is a meeting opener video from our archive, used to kick-off the annual Momentum user conference for Manhattan Associates. There was no multi-tasking when this video ran!

Rules of Engagement

The key to any video opener is to keep it brief but intense – like, 30-90 seconds brief. The objective is to make a big impression in a short amount of time. Capture attention. Set the right tone. Leave the audience a little breathless, or on-edge – paying close attention to see what’s coming next.  

Ready to make an impression at your next gathering? Connect with us anytime.

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