Personal documentary films to be shared for generations.

Whether a family story that spans centuries and continents – or a tribute video on the accomplishments of a single family member – Blue Marble Legacy Films captures and preserves your stories.


“This is who we are.
This is where we’re from.”


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Ethical Legacy
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Legacy Legacy

The Blue Marble Story

Blue Marble Legacy Films is the inspiration of award-winning directors Ben and Cara Barineau. In 1995, this husband and wife team founded Blue Marble Media, which has grown to become one of the nation’s premier producers of high-profile corporate films.

The company’s clients have included highly distinguished businesses and organizations such as Verizon, Georgia-Pacific, SAP, McKesson, CenturyLink, Fiserv, Citrix, NCR, Spanx, SunTrust, Manhattan Associates, The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the State of Georgia and many others.



Over the years, the Barineaus have lead teams of top writers, designers, producers, editors and film crews to scores of honors and awards including:

Gold and Silver Awards at the New York International Film and Television Festival, the US International Film and Video Festival, the Telly Awards, Addy Awards, Marcom Awards, Summit Awards and many, many more.



Blue Marble film & video crews have shot in virtually every corner of the globe including urban, rural and remote locations throughout the Americas, Europe, Africa, India, Asia & the Pacific. We’ve covered events, conducted interviews, captured exquisite beauty shots and made life-long connections wherever we’ve been.

Legacy Legacy

Creating Your Story: The Process

A documentary production can be completed in as little as 3 to 4 weeks for coverage of an event or for a subject requiring minimal research and shoot locations. More complex productions can take two months to a year, depending on the amount of research, number of interviews, number of shoot locations, etc. All Blue Marble productions follow the same basic process.

Legacy Legacy

Step One:
Getting to Know You

A Blue Marble creative team will come to your home to learn about you and your story. We’ll answer your questions, gather content information and discuss options and possibilities for telling your story.

Legacy Legacy

Step Two: Scheduling

Based on your input and ideas, our team presents a proposed production schedule that maps out the timeline for creating your documentary. Naturally, we’ll work around your schedule so that film shoots and other important activities happen at times that are best for you.

Legacy Legacy

Step Three: Concept & Production

Depending on your content requirements, this phase could include researching your topic, conducting interviews with family, friends or others, writing a script, and shooting at various locations.

Legacy Legacy

Step Four:
Post Production

Once the script is finalized and shooting is complete, it’s time to create the soundtrack including any narration, music or sound effects. It’s also time to edit all the elements into a finished production for your approval.

Let’s Talk About Your Story

Every person has a story to tell – but, often, they just don’t know how to tell it. Or where to start. That’s where Blue Marble comes in. Ready to get started on your story? Maybe just want a bit more information? Let us know how to get in touch with you below, or call 404-982-9552 to speak to a representative.

    For information on our sister company, Blue Marble Media, visit bluemarblemedia.com

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    Let’s Get Started!

    We love talking video! One of our creative directors will be in touch to answer questions and brainstorm ideas.

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