Legacy Films: The Unexpected Holiday Gift You’ll Want to Look Into Now

We hate to interrupt your summertime with this breaking news, but – the holidays are now officially less than six months away! We know, we know. It’s hard to imagine caroling and cookie baking in the midst of pool time and ice cream cones, but facts are facts.

And if you really want to hit it out of the park with a landmark gift they will actually cherish, share, and pass down to future family members, start planning now. Why not talk to Blue Marble about creating a Legacy Film to honor a special individual or capture family memories? The final product is a unique, totally unexpected gift that will bowl over its recipient, and probably everyone else as well.

What exactly is a Legacy Film? Well, it can be a lot of different things, but in a nutshell, a Legacy Film is a custom documentary (usually 10-30 minutes) that combines video, stills, home movies and more, plus in-person interview clips and a music soundtrack to tell the story of a whole family or a single individual.  

“This video for Jackie Sherman is a great example of an ethical will. In it she talks about her families history and their tradition of philanthropy” 

Here are a few of our favorites:

Family History Film

Think about having dinner with all the best storytellers in your family. That’s sort of the end result of a Family History Film. We interview parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, close friends, etc. – all on camera – and then weave together their memories and comments to create an overall storyline illustrated with archival photos, newspaper clippings, home movies, and more. We’ll also travel on-site to shoot original material and ultimately work to preserve your family’s story on film.

Ethical Legacy Film

You may be familiar with the idea of an ethical will, which differs from a traditional will in that it focuses on the spiritual, moral, and philanthropic values a person wants to pass along to family and future generations. Traditionally, ethical wills were created as a letter to the family, but today, video allows your heirs to see and hear your passion as you talk about the beliefs and practices that shaped your life and guided your family.


A great way to honor a longstanding client, employee, or retiring executive, a Tribute Film celebrates a life well lived through stories told by friends and colleagues. Using interview clips, photos, and memorabilia; all beautifully edited and set to a rich music bed, we create a  sincere tribute that is worth more than any material token of thanks.

Family Yearbook

Isn’t it amazing how an old high school yearbook can still make you smile?  That was the inspiration behind Blue Marble’s Family Yearbook videos. One year in the life of your family, captured on video and narrated in your own voices through casual video interviews. 

Every passing year looks and sounds different as your family grows and evolves. Our camera crews visit your family several times a year to document special events and intimate gatherings. We can be there for that big graduation, your child’s tennis tournament, a birthday, or holiday celebrations. Your own photos and smartphone videos can be part of the mix, too. 

It truly is a year in the life of your family – captured in time – that you can revisit for decades to come.

What’s Your Legacy?

This year, skip the hours spent pouring over jewelry, electronics and other traditional holiday gifts – half of which end up getting returned or forgotten in a drawer. The holidays have always been about creating memories and showing people how much they mean to you. Visit Blue Marble Video or call 404-982-9552 to get the cameras rolling on your Legacy Film. Or, consider a gift card so they can get in on the “action”, too!

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