Make it Short, But Also Make it Long

What’s the ideal length for a B2B video? 

We get that question a lot around here. Just like there’s room for both the shortboard and the longboard in the surfing community, short-form and long-form videos both have a place, too. It all boils down to what you want to achieve.

Shorter Isn’t Always Better

There’s a lot of content out there these days, all vying for our attention. No wonder many marketers jump to the conclusion that shorter videos are more effective in communicating a message.

But what about those buyers who are further down the sales funnel and really want more information?  Maybe they’re ready to make a recommendation to their boss, or about to commit to a very large purchase. If the content is engaging – and developed for the right audience – the right people will want to watch it.

So, Who Is Your Video For?

At Blue Marble, we start every project by asking one key question – who is your audience? With a solid understanding of the viewers, it becomes easier to determine the appropriate video length.

When you identify where your customer is in the sales funnel, you can determine how much content they’re willing to consume.

  • Top of the funnel = short video. People aren’t invested in your brand yet, but they are interested in learning about it.
  • Bottom of the funnel = longer video. If someone is farther along and, say, comparing you against a competitor, they may want more meat to make a decision. Demos and case studies work well in this longer-form phase.

When people are almost ready to pull the trigger on a big B2B purchase, give them the ammunition they need to make a strong case for your brand. Your longer video is actually a useful tool that will help them do just that.


You can amortize the cost of the main video by getting a variety of uses from it, like the full 3-minute video above and the shorter 30-second version below.

Stretch your Budget With Multiple Video Lengths

Creating multiple formats from footage captured at the same video shoot is a cost-effective way to make every dollar count. Blue Marble typically suggests that clients budget for a video package that includes a longer video plus shorter versions for social media and other uses. 

Getting videos to do double or triple duty is smart. You can amortize the cost of the main video by getting a variety of uses from it.

Chapters Give You the Best of Both Worlds

Depending on where you host your video content, you may have the ability to create “video chapters” that allow the viewer to jump straight to the content they need.  You’ve probably seen these on YouTube and other platforms. The chapters are indicated by little markers that are visible in the video’s timeline.  Rolling over a marker pops up the name of the chapter or section of the video.  

This feature is a great way to get the best of both the short- and long-form worlds. It’s particularly effective for marketing demos and training or customer support videos.


Choosing the Length That’s Right For You

So, next time you wonder how long you should make your video, ask yourself these three questions:

  1. Who is my audience?
  2. Where is my audience in the sales funnel?
  3. Can I make my video multi-task by creating both long-and short-form content from the same footage?

Blue Marble is here to help you figure out the best length for your marketing goals – and then help you achieve them. Reach out today to find out how we get the big jobs done.

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