Maximizing Holiday Sales With Video Marketing

Is your company prepared for the 2019 holiday shopping season? With retail sales in the United States expected to exceed $1 trillion for the first time this holiday season, according to an eMarketer report, you should use this opportunity to plan an effective video marketing strategy.

By creating and promoting high-quality videos, you’ll attract more consumers during this otherwise busy time of year. To maximize your company’s holiday sales using video marketing, though, there are a few things you need to know.

Offer Answers to Holiday Shoppers’ Questions with How-to Videos

More and more holiday shoppers are turning to online videos for answers to their questions. Statistics show, in fact, that the number of “how to” searches on YouTube grows at an average rate of roughly 70% per year.  But according to Think With Google, how-to videos are particularly popular during the holiday season.

In the months of November and December, millions of consumers search for how-to videos on YouTube, as well as other video-sharing platforms, for answers to their questions. Some consumers search for videos on how to wrap gifts, whereas others search for videos on how to assemble toys or other products. Regardless, how-to videos are particularly popular during the holiday season, making them an invaluable element to your company’s video marketing strategy.

Create Product Review Videos

In addition to how-to videos, product review videos typically work well during the holiday season. Think With Google explains that in the past two years, YouTube users have watched over 50,000 years worth of product review videos. Like with how-to videos, though, product review videos tend to generate the largest amount of exposure during the holidays.

If a consumer is thinking about purchasing a product but skeptical about whether it’s worth the cost, he or she may search for a video in which the product is reviewed. Even if the video was created by the product manufacturer, it will still offer a firsthand look at the product and how it works. As a result, the consumer will feel more confident purchasing the product.


Differentiate Your Company’s Videos From Your Competitors’

To say there are a lot of online videos would be an understatement. While the exact number is unknown, some reports suggest that over 7 billion videos are hosted on YouTube alone. With so many videos just a few clicks away, it’s important that you differentiate your company’s videos from those of your competitors.

According to Think With Google, standing out can be a “game-changer” for companies looking to capitalize on the holiday shopping season with video marketing. Researchers from Google’s insights department recommend companies include elements of nostalgia in their videos to make them stand out. Alternatively, you can create an emotional story to distinguish your company’s videos from those of your competitors. Regardless, your videos need to stand out during the holiday season. If they don’t, they’ll likely generate fewer views and less engagement, resulting in poorer performance.

Include a CTA

Of course, you should include a call to action (CTA) in your company’s holiday videos. A CTA is arguably the most important element of an effective marketing video. It tells the viewer the next step he or she must take to trigger a sale or conversion.

Don’t limit yourself to only using a single CTA in your company’s holiday videos. Even if you include an overlay CTA at the beginning of the video, you can include a second CTA at the end. And depending on where you publish the video, you may be able to include a text CTA in the description. Even if a viewer is familiar with your company and what it offers, he or she may not know exactly how to make a purchase. With multiple CTAs, you can assist consumers with their holiday purchases while driving more sales for your company in the process.

Prioritize Online Channels vs TV

It shouldn’t come as a surprise to learn that online video consumption is increasing while traditional over-the-air and cable TV video consumption is decreasing. A separate Think With Google report even found that six in 10 consumers prefer watching online videos over live TV.

You can still create video advertisements for live TV, but you’ll generate better results during the holiday season by prioritizing online channels.  The holiday season, of course, is a busy time of year. Even though many people are off work, they are often busy with shopping, cooking and hosting or attending parties. Therefore, many consumers use their smartphone or mobile device to find and watch videos rather than a TV. By prioritizing online channels like YouTube, Facebook and your company’s website, you’ll reach more prospective customers with your videos.

In Conclusion

With the holiday shopping season fast approaching, you should act now to leverage the sales-driving power of video marketing. Regardless of your company’s industry or niche, a well-planned video marketing strategy can help you maximize sales during the holiday season.

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