The Surprising Ways Shoppers Use Video in Store

The widespread adoption of mobile broadband has revolutionized the way shoppers find and purchase products from local businesses. Using their smartphone, shoppers can tap into the power of the internet to streamline their shopping experience. In fact,  statistics show that 55% of shoppers watch online videos — typically using their smartphone or tablet — while shopping at local stores.

When compared to text, videos offer a more visualized way to consume information. And because the human brain processes visuals 60,000 times faster than text, online videos are a popular tool used by shoppers during their purchasing journey. With that said, you might be surprised to learn some of the different ways shoppers use video in store.

Creates a Shopping List

Earlier this year, researchers at Think With Google conducted a survey to investigate exactly how shoppers use online video in store. For the survey, researchers recruited over 24,000, each of whom were asked about their in-store video usage.

According to Think With Google, many shoppers use video to create a shopping list so to speak. A shopper who’s visiting a local hardware store to purchase supplies to replace a door, for example, may reference an online video tutorial on how to replace a door. The video will likely contain a list of all hardware and fasteners the shopper needs for the project. As a result, the shopper can simply watch the video rather than reading a traditional shopping list.

Some shoppers may use a video shopping list in conjunction with a traditional shopping list. As the shopper watches a relevant video, for example, he or she may create a list of all items required for the project. Once at the store, the shopper may reference both lists to ensure he or she doesn’t miss anything.

Instills Confidence

Another way shoppers use video in store is to instill confidence. Some shoppers are hesitant to make a purchase, especially if it’s a product unfamiliar to them. Online video, however, can help shoppers make better-informed purchasing decisions, resulting in a higher level of confidence.

Think With Google cites this YouTube video by Lowe’s as an example. The two minute, 32-second video offers seven tips on how to choose the right paint colors. If a shopper is looking to purchase paint but doesn’t know which color to choose, he or she may reference this video. Using a smartphone, the shopper can see tips from the Fortune 500 home improvement retailer, resulting in a higher level of confidence.


Compare Two or More Products

Some shoppers turn to online video in store to compare two or more products. If a shopper is struggling to choose between Product A and Product B, he or she may search for a video comparing the two products on YouTube or another video-sharing platform. There are literally thousands of product comparison videos, each of which shows the nuances between the respective products.

In their report, the Think With Google team explained that over half of all shoppers say video has helped them choose a specific product to purchase. During the survey, the team recalled one participant who watched a comparison video showing different drill sets while shopping at Home Depot. The participant specifically watched the video to determine which drill set held up better under stress.

Product comparison videos are valuable for shoppers because they offer an unbiased look at two or more products. In other words, they don’t “sell” a particular product. Instead, they show the benefits and features of all the compared products.

Find Product Reviews

It’s also worth mentioning that shoppers watch online videos to find product reviews. Granted, there are other ways to find product reviews, such as visiting a business’s website or social media profile, but none of them compare to video.

Videos don’t just say how a product works and whether it’s worth purchasing; they demonstrate it. Shoppers can watch a quick one- or two-minute product review video to gain a better understanding of the product. Using this information, the shopper can then decide whether to purchase the product. Product review videos offer an easy and effective way for local businesses to connect with prospective customers and nurture them through the sales process.

A simple search on YouTube for the name of a product, followed by “review” typically results in video reviews of the respective product.

In Conclusion

Online videos assist shoppers at local stores and businesses in several ways. As revealed here, shoppers turn to video content to create shopping lists, instill confidence, compare two or more products and find product reviews. So, even if your company operates locally, it can still benefit from a strong video marketing strategy. You just need to create meaningful videos that offer value to your target audience.

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