Twitter Releases New Statistics on Video Marketing

As you probably know, YouTube isn’t the only channel for publishing and sharing your company’s videos.  You’re probably already using social media networks as well.  But did you know that Twitter has become a particularly popular channel for video content?  Skeptical?  Check out these stats just released by Twitter about the effectiveness of video content on that platform .

Twitter Users Watch 2 Billion Videos Each Day

According to Twitter, users of the social media network watch 2 billion videos each day. Of course, that falls short of YouTube’s 5 billion-plus daily video views, but it still attests to the popularity of Twitter for video content.  At 2 billion video views a day, Twitter has become one of the internet’s leading platforms for video content.

In terms of growth, the number of video views on Twitter is increasing by roughly 67% year-over-year (YoY). Assuming this trend continues,  Twitter may reach the same level of video-viewing popularity as YouTube in just a few years.

Tweets With Video Generate 10 Times More Engagement

Twitter says that tweets with video generate 10 times more user engagement than tweets without video. What does this mean exactly? Engagement is defined as any action taken by a user. On Twitter, users can perform a variety of actions, including liking a tweet, retweeting a tweet, commenting on a tweet and clicking a link in a tweet. When a tweet contains a video, it will generate 10 times more of these engagement signals than tweets without video.

Engagement signals, of course, will directly influence the performance of your company’s tweets. The more users who like, share and comment on your company’s tweets, the more sales and conversions those tweets will drive. To generate the highest level of user engagement with your company’s tweets, though, you’ll need to include videos in them.

Video Tweets With Minimal Text Generate 13% Higher Brand Recall

If you care about brand recall (and who doesn’t?) you’re going to want to avoid using too much accompanying text in your tweets that contain video. You don’t have to necessarily avoid text altogether. Just think of the text as a quick setup to the video.

In its report, Twitter noted that short-form tweets with video have 13% higher brand recall than long-form tweets with video. Twitter no longer imposes a 140-character limit on tweets. A few years ago, the social media network revised its guidelines to allow up to 280 characters in tweets. But again,  if you’re publishing a video in a tweet, you should make sure any text is secondary to the video itself.


93% of Video Views Occur on a Mobile Device

Not surprisingly, most Twitter users prefer using the social media network on a mobile device.  The same goes for viewing videos on Twitter.

In fact, according to Twitter, 93% of all video views occur on a mobile device, whereas fewer than one in 10 video views occur on a traditional desktop or laptop computer. With smartphones and tablets becoming faster, this number is poised to grow even larger in the years to come.

All of which means you need to be sure you’re designing mobile-friendly videos.  Think of it this way, if your video isn’t as easy to view on a phone as it is on a desktop and laptop computer, you’ll forfeit 93% of the video’s total potential views.

What is a “Mobile-Friendly” video?

Think about how most people hold a phone when they’re reading texts or taking a photo.  It’s vertical, right?  Of course, most phone users will tilt their phones into a horizontal position to watch a movie or streamed show, but that’s because they’re highly motivated about what they’re about to see.

For your business video, you’ll want to make watching as easy as possible.  That means considering a square format, instead of the familiar horizontal rectangle shape use by TVs and movies.  It also means using type that’s big and easy to read.

Twitter Video Cards Attract Twice as Many Clicks as Standard Video Ads

More news from Twitter — embedding videos in your company’s tweets with video website cards may result in twice as many clicks compared to standard video ads.  What ‘s the difference? With standard video ads, the video is hosted on Twitter. With video website cards, the video is hosted on your company’s website and then embedded in a tweet. They are called “video website cards” because they promote video content that’s hosted on your company’s website.

You can learn more about Twitter’s video website cards and how they work by clicking this link. Keep in mind that Twitter offers other forms of video advertising. Alternatively, you can use organic methods to publish and share your company’s videos on Twitter.

Promoted Tweets With Video Offer 50% Lower Cost Per Engagement

Finally, Twitter says that promoted tweets with video offer 50% lower cost per engagement than promoted tweets consisting of only text and/or still images. So, if it normally costs your company 20 cents to attract a click with promoted tweets, then including videos in your promoted tweets may result in a cost of just 10 cents per click.

Millions of people watch branded videos from their favorite companies on Twitter.  Regardless of your industry, your  audience probably uses video. Don’t miss out on the benefits of Twitter as a video marketing channel.

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