Video. Rocket Fuel for a Successful Brand Launch

A Step-By-Step Case Study: Creating a Brand Launch Video for Aptean

Branding initiatives are not for the impatient. Hundreds of hours go into discerning and defining every nuance of your organization’s personality and promise. There are workshops. Meetings. Focus groups. Your logo, tagline and brand imagery are painstakingly imagined and then reimagined — through countless versions and tweaks — tested and then tested again.

A new brand or rebrand isn’t just a mark or a tagline. It’s strategic meaning and subtle messaging packed into every image, font, color and voice that represents your organization.  And you spend months getting it just right.

So when it’s finally time to launch, your brand has to make an immediate, emotional impact on your audiences. For that you need video. In just 30 seconds to a minute (give or take), video brings your brand to life in ways nothing else can. With music and sound effects, graphics and narration, and editing that sets just the right pace and energy, video has the power to tell your whole brand story.

Aptean: A Case Study for a B2B Brand Launch Video

We recently had the honor of helping to launch the rebrand of Aptean, a leader in ERP and Supply Chain software operating in 54 countries. Working with the Aptean marketing team, we created a brand launch video to be used as part of their larger B2B marketing strategy.

Creating a Video that Delivers the Connection

We love a brand launch. There’s an excitement driving the process and an optimism that permeates the whole team. 

Our job was to introduce the new Aptean brand to the world with the high energy wow-factor that only video can generate.

First, we sat in on a brand presentation from the Aptean branding team. We got the backstories — the how, why and what of their new brand. It was our chance to fully understand the heart of the brand from the creators themselves.

Then, working with Aptean’s CMO and her team, we dug into the new brand guidelines and began to address elements essential to translating the brand to video. What is the voice of the Aptean brand? How does it move? What about the music? 

Next, we created the script — the narrative for a sixty second video that captures the energy of a brand on the move. Storyboards followed — sequencing graphics, imagery and the all-important branded transitions (literally, how the brand moves).

What about the “sound” of Aptean? While our art directors were designing visuals, we also auditioned dozens of narrators from across North America and searched numerous music libraries, testing specific tracks against our favorite narrator auditions. 

With script, storyboard, narrator and music all client-approved, it was time to edit and animate. 

The High-Impact Solution

It was fun working with the Aptean team and an honor to work with such a dynamic brand.  The collaboration resulted in 15-, 30-, and 75-second versions of the Brand Launch Video that allowed Aptean to reach audiences across all platforms with an introduction to the new brand, and a company that’s Ready for What’s Next, Now.

We’d love to add the rocket fuel to your brand launch! With video we can give your brand the high-impact introduction it deserves. Contact us to start brainstorming .

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