When does a B2B video concept have “legs”?

Some say the best  test of a good idea is how few words it takes to express it. For instance, a couple of years ago, we produced a campaign for SAP, the global market leader in enterprise application software, that sets a hook in just three words – “Before and After.”

That concept not only passed the ‘few words’ test, it’s now aced the test of time, too.

Recently, a new team at SAP discovered our original collection of 9 spots and decided … they wanted more!  Fast forward to creating a fresh campaign of 4 new spots, with more to come.

Each spot is set in an office environment, featuring procurement and supply chain managers who, at first, are coping with the challenges of their ‘Before’ work life.  The spots turn as the characters’ lives are changed for the better ‘After’ integrating SAP solutions at work.

Making Technology Stories More Engaging

A simple idea, well-executed is a great answer to all sorts of challenges – especially technical or technology-based stories. 

Part of the success behind the “Before and After” concept is that SAP, well-known as a global brand – of global proportions –  manages to focus attention on the experiences of individuals in even modest sized of operations.

Adding the right bit of “Before and After” humor gave audiences and SAP a nice little lift. Which, if you ask us, is the difference between a nice B2B spot and an idea that can go places (“legs,” get it?). 

If you’d like to hear more or to talk about your next video project, call us at 404-982-9552 or connect and we’ll be up for the test.

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