B2B Video Awesomeness Starts with Smart Preparation

What’s the secret behind most great videos?

In our 25+ years of experience at Blue Marble, the difference between good enough and knock-it-out-of-the-park fantastic is the input we receive from clients before we ever write a script or start to plan a shoot.

That’s why we created our Video Pre-Production Checklist – to help you help us hit a home run on your next video project. If you’ve ever put together a marketing creative brief, many of the questions in our checklist will look familiar. And if this is your first crack at one, that’s okay, too! Our checklist is designed to be intuitive and easy to follow.

Think of it as a critical exercise for getting your goals and priorities in place, as well as your team and stakeholders on the same page.

Whether or not you work with Blue Marble, taking the time to fill out our Checklist (or create your owncreative brief) means your video agency is getting the best possible start on producing a video that gets the results you’re looking for.

Download our pre-production checklist and get a head start on creating B2B video awesomeness.

Still have questions? Connect with us anytime.

Blue Marble specializes in B2B video. We’d be happy to brainstorm some thoughts for your next video idea, answer any production questions and help you get your project moving in the right direction, starting with the pre-production list.

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