How Much Does a Video Cost?

5 Factors That Affect Price

How much does it cost to produce a B2B video? That’s a lot like asking how much it costs to build a house.  Do you need three bedrooms or five? Will you need marble floors throughout or are hardwoods a better option?

It’s the same with video. A whole variety of options factor into pricing. In this post, we discuss five key points – audience, script quality, shoot day utilization, talent, and video partners – that can drastically affect the resources required to create your video.

1. Audience

Is your brand selling a luxury experience? Or, perhaps you’re marketing a product that appeals to an entry-level, cost-conscious audience. Or maybe somewhere in between. Audiences are remarkably sensitive to equating production quality with brand or product quality. 

Think about it, how many times have you viewed a website or TV spot and thought, “That’s probably some guy working out of his basement”? Or, on the other end of the spectrum, have you ever shopped online for something basic, like a phone case, and landed on a website so elegant it made you think, “I don’t need anything that expensive”?

The good news is, an experienced video agency knows how to produce specifically for your target audience and budget.  

Here’s a great example. Blue Marble shot two very different – yet also very similar – videos for Georgia-Pacific, a leading maker of tissue, pulp, and packaging materials. One video (below) was for GP’s premier line of washroom dispensers for use in executive suites and other luxury settings. To help convey the quality of the dispenser line, the video required a specially built set and lighting.

The second video (below) was for the company’s more modestly priced line of dispensers, like the ones you’ve seen at fast-casual restaurants. The video cost a fraction of what the premium product video cost to produce because we utilized in-house talent and an existing set – yet the look and feel was perfect for the client’s goals.

2. Script Quality 

The script can set the tone for an entire B2B video project. It is the blueprint for the video, and it can literally be the deciding factor between a successful and unsuccessful product. An experienced agency knows how to write a script that will get the results you need, at a budget you can afford.

Even if you do write your own script, think about having an agency edit it to make it as effective as possible.

“This team’s ability to find the root of a story, and to create a visual representation of something intangible, is incredible. It’s an absolute pleasure to work with these professionals.”

Abby Turano, Deputy Commissioner for Marketing
Communications and International Engagement
Georgia Department of Economic Development

3. Shoot Day Utilization

What does a shoot day really cost? It all depends. Do you have actors who will need to be mic’d? How many actors? Will there be wardrobe changes? Are we lighting a whole warehouse or just a family living room? Are we shooting outdoors? Will we need any special equipment like fog machines, drones, special lenses, etc.? Will sets need to be built? Are we working with trained actors who will get it right in just a few takes, or nonprofessionals who might need a bit, or a lot, more time for coaching? Will you have an executive speaking from a teleprompter?  

In the video industry, a standard shoot day lasts 10 hours (including packing and unpacking, load-in, and load-out). If you’re concerned your current project won’t require a full shoot day, think about other needs you may have down the road. A seasoned agency partner can help you get the most out of your day, including capturing B-roll, product shots, and even interviews for use in future video projects.  

And, just for the record, most shoots take longer than you might expect. For instance, every time the crew makes a move to a new shooting location, equipment needs to be collapsed and repositioned, lighting needs to be adjusted and reset, and actors may need costume changes or touch-ups to their makeup.   

4. Professional Actors 

Choosing professional actors for your video can certainly add costs to a project, but what many people don’t realize is they actually can end up saving you money compared to the alternative. Actors are accustomed to speaking in front of a camera and often only require a few takes to wrap a scene. On the other hand, non-professionals (like your employees) could struggle to remember their lines, have difficulty coming across naturally, and may even freeze in front of the camera, requiring lots of extra time and coaching. All of this can cause you to wind up having to pay overtime to every person on the crew – and wishing you had just paid an actor.

5. Partnering with an Agency

Much like weighing the pros and cons of using professional actors, partnering with a video agency is definitely an important consideration. While it’s true that putting together your own video crew can be a less expensive way to go – initially, at least – a video agency brings a couple of important strengths that could make or break your project.

First, when you choose to work with an agency, you’re working with a team of experts, not generalists. Blue Marble puts together our own award-winning teams of writers, designers, directors, videographers and various specialized crew and equipment, animators and editors to create the final product.  

Second, experienced agencies have a deep bench of people and resources to handle unforeseen circumstances. From last-minute script edits to location challenges, and even to replacing key crew members on the fly if they become ill or unavailable, a seasoned agency has seen it all, done it all, and expects the unexpected.  (Oh, and always ask if they carry shoot insurance.  Without it, you could end up paying double or more due to lost footage, defective equipment or damages caused on location.)

Our Budgeting Formula

Blue Marble has been helping brands get the big jobs done for over 25 years. We’re always happy to help you discover options based on your budget and goals. Contact us any time to see how we can work together.

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