One Shoot – Two Videos, and More

A behind-the-scenes peek at a professional #B2BVideo production

We thought it would be fun to pull back the curtain and offer a little insider’s peek at a complex shoot we did that resulted in multiple assets from a single production.

Maximizing Results

Blue Marble recently helped a leading national distributor of maintenance, repair, and operations (MRO) products create two distinct videos: one a brand overview focused on an understanding of their customer’s needs and another highlighting new digital tools and technology. Still photography was also captured by a small team choreographed to work around the video crew. 








Real Reel

The videos aimed to capture authentic moments along an actual distribution route, so our crews went from warehouse to hotel to apartment complex to record these “real-life” experiences. We filmed actors inside inside and around the locations, while some of our client’s employees ended up featured as well.

Video and Photography:  Similar but also Different

 One question we get asked a lot is, “Can’t you just pull some still frames for us from your high-def footage?”  And the answer is, “no, it’s not really practical, – even if we’re shooting 4K video”.  For one thing, in video, the director is never paying attention to achieving a single perfect frame – they’re looking for perfect interactions or motions.  In still photography, it’s just the opposite.  The single perfect shot is the goal. Consequently, it’s not  often you find a single frame of video that really has the beauty of a well-directed still shot.

Even more significant, still photos are captured at much higher resolutions than 4K so they can be enlarged without taking on that fuzzy, out of focus look. At best, a frame taken from 4K video can be used as a small still on a web site or similar. 

Also, most people don’t realize that the lighting techniques used in video shoots and photo shoots are different. Needless to say, we kept multiple crews buzzing, switching up lighting throughout the project, to get all the to-do’s on our checklist completed.

Plan for the Unexpected

This substantial shoot spanned three locations, took three days to complete, and used ten different models/actors – all of which translated into bustling production days for everyone involved. One distribution center was so large that a six-seat golf cart was called in to caravan crew and talent back and forth across the half-mile-long warehouse! 

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

Running a multi-day shoot, in various locations, is a massive logistical undertaking, but Blue Marble got the big job done. In the end, we shot all the material we needed, and then some, thanks to our talented crew who worked together to streamline media management and create realistic moments and creative shots.

If you need an experienced partner who can coordinate your most complex #B2Bvideo projects, give us a shout anytime to see how we can help.

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