Behind the Scenes: Prop Magic for a Powerful Before & After Story

Just recently we found ourselves back in the saddle again for longtime client, SAP.

For more than a decade, Blue Marble and the marketing team at SAP have been creating all kinds of videos together, but one series in particular continues to be a hit.

In fact, since we first presented the campaign concept back in 2017, we’ve now completed 17 videos – and they’re just as fresh and fun as the first series of three.

Shot in the SAP office, telling a “before and after” story, the shoot spanned two days, required 10 actors and 13 crew. Our props stylist created a hectic, messy office set for the “before” scenes, and then reset them to be well organized for the “after” scenes.

Every aspect of the set matters – even the whiteboard in the background. This took hours to create; it was important to the story and helped drive home the value of SAP’s supply chain management software.

And, oh yeah, we also had to make the SAP offices look like two different companies!

We shot two videos in two days – the first one will debut in early October, 2023.  Check back here for a sneak peek at the latest in the series.

Blue Marble is a Video Agency headquartered in Atlanta, with a 30-year track record of creating strategic, brand-moving videos that hit it out of the park for clients like SAP, the State of Georgia, Fiserv, Manhattan Associates, Sage, Pitney-Bowes, LEVELOR, Verizon, Georgia-Pacific and many more. From brand manifestos to new product rollouts to customer support videos and more, we use the unique power of the medium to create an emotional connection with your viewer. Clients come to us for our award-winning creative — and then come back for our easy-to-work-with attitude and bullet-proof video production process.

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