Behind the Scenes: Putting Georgia’s Center of Innovation prominently on the map

A sneak peak at the new economic development video you’ll be seeing soon 

Where exactly is Georgia’s Center of Innovation, and what exactly do they do? 

Shooting just wrapped for a new video that will make it all delightfully clear. 

We’ve gone on and on about how much we love collaborating with the awesome team at Georgia Department of Economic Development to help market our home state to the world. And we can’t contain ourselves on this particular project for their Center of Innovation.

Southern Hospitality meets Economic Development

Georgia is famous for its southern hospitality, and the Center of Innovation takes that hospitality to a whole new level. They help Georgia companies connect, compete and grow – turning new ideas and technologies into commercially viable products and services to better compete in the global marketplace.

“Sweet Grass Dairy goes global” | One of the many company profile videos Blue Marble has created for Georgia’s Center of Innovation over the years

We’re helping GDEcD spread the word by telling real stories of how the Center for Innovation helped Georgia businesses overcome obstacles and achieve success. Like finding the right research partner for a bio-fuels company to create an eco-friendly lighter fluid, and helping the family-owned creamery figure out how to increase the shelf-life of their cheese products.

A cast of 12 requires an army of crew

We cast 12 actors to represent real Georgia companies — a veritable village of crew people to handle production. Of course, a concept like this one requires lots of careful pre production, too, including hair and makeup for 12 actors, racks and racks of wardrobe options, lots of props to assemble, hamburgers and hot dogs to pre-cook. 

The gunked-up step ladder we used for staging broke-up the set in such a nice way, we decided to keep it in the shot – that is, after a mad dash to Home Depot and a fresh coat of blue paint to touch it up.  (The nice folks at the production studio were very excited to have a ladder that looks like brand new.)

Then, just a single shoot day to git ‘er done.  

Now we’re into the heavy lifting of post-production.  Stay tuned for the launch one day soon. 

We’d love to help put your brand prominently on the map! Just contact us and we’ll get the ball rolling.

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