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“More than…”
Manhattan Associates

A new, Brand Manifesto series for Manhattan Associates that grabs viewers and brings them close to the moment solutions happen — when the ordinary becomes something more.

What’s the story?

These B2B branding spots capture the creative energy and tell the mission-focused story of the best supply chain professionals in the industry – the omnichannel gurus, AI experts and real Manhattan innovators solving “unsolvable” problems and changing commerce around the world.    

It’s a high-concept series with a big relatable message — At Manhattan, with all this amazing brain power and passion, even an ordinary white board or simple cup of coffee is so much more. 

What makes it work?

 A few things. First, the awesome teamwork and collaboration. The Manhattan marketing team came to us with a carefully developed concept and script that, together, we brought to life. 

Second, it’s real and relatable — always important if you truly want to engage your audience. 

Last but not least, it’s about minding the basic fundamentals of video design (yes, a recurring theme here at Blue Marble). A strong script, the right voice, lots of sweet b-roll, a cool track, then cut it until it moves us. And oh yeah, a few good cups of coffee along the way.

What’s next? 

We’re really excited for the 3rd video in production now for the Manhattan series. For this next one, we’ve pulled in some top musical talent and will be crafting a Manhattan original score. Always a treat! 

We’d love to collaborate with your team to create “More than…a video.” Contact us to brainstorm ideas for your next project.


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