Behind-the-Scenes: The Big Picture

Behind-the-Scenes: The Big Picture

An overnight shoot on the streets of downtown Atlanta 

People seem to love our behind-the-scenes blog posts, so we thought we’d share one of our favorites – The Making of The Big Picture – along with the final production version of The Big Picture video itself.  

While we have tons of behind-the-scenes raw footage from the hundreds of shoots we’ve done, this is an edited, produced, behind-the-scenes show complete with a jazzy late-night soundtrack.

The project was a new brand video for Manhattan Associates way back in 2010, when they were one of the first in the industry to deliver a full suite of supply chain software built on a shared platform. The spot was titled The Big Picture because it shows – in a very unexpected, creative way – how the Platform Effect gave you the big picture of all your data.   

The shoot had a really cool vibe. A rare overnighter shot in the Fairlie-Popular district of downtown Atlanta in those wee small hours Sinatra once crooned about. Streets blocked off, coffee flowing, actors and crew pumped up and ready for “action”. It was such a fun shoot we were inspired to make a video about it. And when inspiration hits, sometimes you just go with it.

Below is The Big Picture, final production version. We’d like to think it played at least a small part in launching Manhattan’s phenomenal success since that late night in 2010 – growing from less than 2000 employees to now over 3500, doubling their revenue and becoming a global supply chain solutions leader. We sure have enjoyed the ride, and are excited to be a partner in all the great things to come!

Let us know if you need a video partner. We’d love to team up on your next project!

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