Collaboration, Innovation, and Brand Building

Collaboration, Innovation, and Brand Building

Starring Georgia’s Center of Innovation

Get ready for the big reveal! We recently took you behind the scenes of a brand video shoot for the Center of Innovation, a strategic arm of the Georgia Department of Economic Development (GDEcD).

With a long history of success stories, the Center of Innovation always shined the spotlight on its clients — Georgia businesses that need help conquering a variety of challenges. Now, this new video moves the Center of Innovation from the background to center stage for some heightened brand building. It’s a collaborative effort to alert more businesses to the incredible resources available to them right here in Georgia.

Video Agency for Brand Innovators

The Center of Innovation specializes in linking new and expanding businesses to industry experts, external partners, and independent mentors who can help spark inspired solutions.  

And this video spreads the word by telling real stories of how the Center for Innovation helped Georgia businesses overcome obstacles and achieve greater success. Like finding the right research partner for a bio-fuels company to create an eco-friendly lighter fluid, and helping the family-owned creamery figure out how to increase the shelf-life of their cheese products.

Whatever your video production needs, we’d love to partner. Just drop us a line. 

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