The Legacy Film. A documentary about you.

A side of Blue Marble devoted to telling the personal stories of real people and their families

We’re excited to announce Blue Marble Legacy Films, a division of the company that focuses our storytelling craft on individuals and families and the stories that shaped their lives. It’s been several years since Ben and I first came up with the idea and now it’s gaining some real traction.

A recent example is Jackie Sherman, granddaughter of immigrants who made their way in America after fleeing Europe during the rise of Nazi Germany. Jackie wanted to create a video that would help her preserve the strong family values she inherited so they can be passed along for future generations of her family. Her Legacy Film, The Choices We Make, is a story about “the tight connection of who I am, where I came from, my values, and what I put out in the world.”

Many ways to tell a story

When you get right down to it, nearly everyone is a product of the events and experiences of their own life, with heavy influence from the guiding principles, events and experiences of the family members who came before them. 

For individuals and families, a Legacy Film is a way to capture important stories, philosophies, achievements and significant events.  Told by the people who lived the experiences and heard the stories — to be preserved and shared forever. 

As you might expect, each Legacy Film is as unique as the person or family it’s created for.  And there are many kinds of Legacy Films to consider.


Centered around thoughtful, in-depth, on-camera interviews, a Family History Film is a rich documentary of your family stories, as only your family can tell them, blended with the photos and mementos that bring the story to life.


Also known as Ethical Wills or Legacy Letters, these films allow you to speak in person to future generations about the life lessons and philosophies that shaped and guided your life.


Throughout the year, our film crews capture your family’s special events, memorable occasions and one-on-one interviews, then combine it all with music to create the story of your year.


Tell the story of your worthy honoree through on-camera interviews with friends, colleagues and family members, along with carefully curated archival photos, articles, home movies and videos.


Invite a Legacy Films crew along for all or part of a momentous family vacation or personal journey. We’ll capture the adventure, the stories, the thoughts and feelings as they occur.


Open the world’s eyes to the causes you care most about. We’ll help you tell the story of the need that exists and the work being done to fulfill it.


Is there a momentous event coming up for your family, company or organization? Invite a Legacy Films crew to document your landmark celebration. We’ll create a cinematic quality documentary you’ll be proud to share for many years to come.

What’s your great story?

The most moving stories of our lives are the real, close-to-home events and memories of our own family, community, company and special causes. What’s your story? We’d love to talk about how to help you tell it.

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