Video Production Nightmares

Top 10 Terrors that Keep Producers Up at Night

If we haven’t actually experienced it, we’ve definitely lost sleep over it.  Thank goodness our Blue Marble producers sweat the details so you don’t have to! 

10. The catering company arrives at the shoot with no vegetarian options for your client.

9. Your principal actor has gained 10 pounds since he updated his wardrobe information.

8. Your electrical gear blows a fuse and everything goes dark. Everything.

7. You make a typo in the address for the shoot location, sending the entire crew 45 minutes in the wrong         direction.

6. Your client got permission to shoot in their company’s offices in Times Square, but no one asked the building’s management company.  The crew is stuck out on the street for hours.

5. The shoot is a wrap.  You’re walking to the parking lot with the client who hands you a script and says “Our CEO had some last minute revisions.  You guys can fix it in post, right?”

4. The morning of the shoot you get a call from your Director of Photography.  His basement is flooded and he’s not going to make it.

3. “We’re not getting picture.”

2. “We’re not getting audio.”

1. “We’re not getting paid.”

Don’t stay up late worrying about your next video production.  Contact us to find out about the Blue Marble Video bullet-proof process for creating strategic brand video.

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