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Georgia-Pacific and CDC
Watching Hands Exhibit Videos

When Georgia-Pacific decided to sponsor an exhibit at the CDC Museum, it turned to Blue Marble to produce six short films about the project. The exhibit, Watching Hands: Artists Respond to Keeping Well, showcased the newly commissioned work of six artists, who each interpreted the act of handwashing in innovative and unexpected ways. 

Blue Marble crews traveled across the country, shooting interviews with each artist as they worked on their commissions. The short documentaries were used for promotions and as part of the exhibit itself. 

Sharpen your focus

  • Interview Technique – The energy of a mind at work
  • Music Resources – Search far and wide and often!

How it happened

Our client wanted us to capture the artists as they worked on their Watching Hands creations — so we sent our crew on the road to do just that.  The six artists were spread out from Georgia to New York, California and Indiana.  Wherever we went, we made sure our artists were in motion — even for the interviews.  As paint was carefully stroked onto canvas or ceramics were poured into molds.  Why?  Because “action” interviews have a tendency to be more intimate; more personal.  When the interviewee is focused on the work at hand, they tend to answer questions more freely and openly.   

What made it a home run

The interview style worked like magic, allowing us to create intimate portraits of the artists at work.  But another very important component was the music.

As part of our normal benchmarking process, we’re always on the lookout for new sources of inspiration as well as new resources for elements such as stock footage, music, etc.

Around the time that we were beginning work on the CDC Watching Hands project, we ran across the captivating music of Podington Bear.  It was wonderful and inventive — and not available through any of the normal music libraries we were using.  Another win for our rules to live by — “never stop benchmarking”!

Bonus Fun 

The original purpose for the videos was purely for promotion, but the folks at the CDC museum were so taken with the work, they decided to incorporate the videos into the exhibit itself.

Equally fun, Georgia-Pacific asked us to repurpose the videos to create a multi-screen video wall experience for their biggest annual trade show.

And if all that weren’t enough — soon after they were completed, the video series won a Platinum Award in the national Marcom film and video competition.  A nice “cherry on top” for all who were involved!

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