What makes a great B2B video hook?

LinkedIn Video Report reveals the importance of a great hook
Woo hoo! They clicked on your video!!!

Now, you have 2 seconds to make them stick. Did you take the time to come up with a great video hook?

HootSuite’s recent LinkedIn Video report includes their 11 LinkedIn video best practices. Best Practice #2 – “Aim to capture their attention right from the start.” Amen to that. Having a great video hook is critical. In fact, LinkedIn recommends that videos include a hook within the first 1-2 seconds.

Why the Video Hook is so important

Having a great hook is important for any story, but it’s especially critical for business video. The cold, hard facts: Business people are busy. Your target viewer has deadlines looming, meetings starting, customers calling. B2B viewing is not a leisure activity.

Overcoming #Videoverload

Video has become an essential part of marketing. As a result, video is everywhere. Which means it’s harder than ever for your video to break through the noise — and makes that first 1-2 seconds absolutely critical.

What makes a great video hook?

There’s no set formula for a great hook. But here’s one sure-fire piece of advice: If you’re aiming to capture your viewer’s attention right from the start, give them something to react to. 

A little known fact that blows their mind. A pain point story they’re glad didn’t happen to them. A pain point story with a funny twist. An unexpected metaphor for what it’s like working in their world, etc., etc.

Hit ‘em so they feel it!

Sad, happy, funny, shocking, inspiring – there are countless ways to hook your viewer with an emotional opener.

Here are just a couple examples of great video hooks that got viewers immediately engaged and ready to pay close attention to what comes next.


Video Hook Example #1 –Start at the end of the story
“Kachina Family Practice”
McKesson — Customer Case Study Video Series

McKesson’s software was helping physicians everywhere run their practices more efficiently.  Less time on paperwork, more time for a personal life.  McKesson wanted to collect those success stories in short videos that would live on the company’s website.

Just one problem.  How do you get site visitors to watch more than one video?  Wouldn’t one doctor’s office look like every other doctor’s office?

A great hook was the perfect solution.  We proposed starting each video at the end of the story.  What were the physicians doing with all that new free time they had gained thanks to the software?

Turns out they were coaching kids’ soccer, playing tennis, sailing, biking and even ice skating in the middle of the desert.

McKesson was thrilled with the results.  The videos were so popular and effective, they brought us back to produce a total of nine.


Video Hook Example #2 – Be Provocative
“Compact Tissue”
Georgia Pacific – Product Promotion

“Some of us do our best work in the bathroom.” Now there’s a B2B value proposition you don’t hear very often. That was the provocative and highly effective opening line of the promotional video we created for Georgia Pacific’s popular  Compact Tissue.

Keep in mind, Compact Tissue is a B2B product.  It’s sold in huge quantities to airports, arenas, shopping malls, schools and office buildings.  Big places with lots of restrooms.

The customer is a facilities manager with a lot more on their mind than toilet paper.  They’re in a constant battle to find ways to keep their facilities healthy, efficient, green and clean!  Tough audience. Better hook ‘em fast and  make sure your content is worth their time.

This Compact Tissue video did both.  You might say it was flush with success.

Want more info, insights, tips and examples on taking your Brand Video game to the next level?

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