Manhattan Associates. Seizing Opportunity in the Supply Chain Revolution.

The supply chain world was changing fast, and so was the world of digital marketing. Manhattan Associates had discovered the importance of video to marketing success, and Blue Marble was brought in to up their video game.

“When Blue Marble was brought in, I saw what could be done with video – the output, the results – and I was hooked. It took anything we’d done before to a whole new level.”
Eddie Capel – CEO, Manhattan Associates

A market leader takes a stand

Early on in what was to become a supply chain revolution, Manhattan Associates had the strategic insight to recognize two new, irrefutable facts: armed with easy internet access, the consumer was now firmly in control … and the successful retailers would be the ones to get personal with those customers — fast. Manhattan had the inside track on innovative solutions to help make personal shopping experiences profitable for their retail clients. Blue Marble helped establish and enhance Manhattan Associates reputation as the innovation leader in their space with Brand Manifesto videos like this one.

The Revolution video was inspired by Manhattan’s Eddie Capel, the company’s visionary  . Our mission was crystal clear.  We weren’t just creating a video, we were helping to boldly position Manhattan as the standout thought leader in the supply chain and ecommerce industries.

“We’ve come to be seen as the premium brand in our space, and you don’t get that reputation easily. The work Blue Marble does enhances that quality image. Their videos get people to understand and at the same time feel – a very difficult thing to do.”- Eddie Capel – CEO, Manhattan Associates

We shot everything ourselves. That was key to Revolution’s arresting mood of profoundness and immutable truth. It allowed us to capture a specific feeling of global commerce in each shot – something you just can’t get from stock footage.  It also allowed us to create the exact framing we needed in each scene in order to seamlessly integrate the all-text manifesto messaging that drives the story.

Manhattan’s CEO loved it (and still does to this day). Revolution created a wave of internal pride throughout the company at a pivotal time in their growth, helping them to seize a perfect opportunity for market leadership.

By the time we created the Revolution video, Eddie was the CEO.

Wake up! It’s a demand and deliver world.

Manhattan Associates needed a high-octane Ice Breaker video for their annual Momentum User Conference.

The Goal: Wake up their retail and wholesale audience to the harsh new realities of the demand and deliver world. Where the consumer is now in full control. And very demanding.

So, we put a demanding “consumer” in full control – as the on-camera spokesperson of this in-your-face ice breaker video.  His charismatic blend of charm and bluntness helped us deliver a provocative show-opener that got right up in their retailer customer’s grill, and challenged them to Get Ready now.

Get Ready was a big hit, and the user conference a huge success, with customers extra-motivated to explore the innovative new tools Manhattan was rolling out to meet those new demands.

In fact, it was so successful that Manhattan’s VP of Sales had a poster created with the video’s key catch-phrase, “It’s a Demand and Deliver World, Brother” hung prominently on his office wall.

To educate, you gotta engage.

Manhattan Associates had created an industry-first – an entire suite of software built on a platform – a completely new approach to help simplify the complexity of the new demand and deliver world. They needed a breakthrough explainer video to get the message across, and show their clients and industry analysts just how revolutionary their solutions truly were.

The Aha! Conversation
Software engineers we are not.  So, in order to successfully explain the massive benefits of a platform-based software suite, we needed to learn a lot of information very quickly.  Fortunately, we experienced our own Aha! moment in a discovery session with the Manhattan team.

In an entertaining and enlightening display of brilliance from Manhattan’s director of product marketing, Brian Kinsella, our creative lightbulbs clicked on. Using real world examples and great storytelling, Brian fielded our questions and broke down the benefits of platform computing so that we could understand it.

Eureka!  Like a bolt of lightning, we had our concept. The Platform Effect video is based on a lively conversation between an energized expert and a bewildered retail supply chain executive.

Once we had our script, loaded with imaginative metaphors and great storytelling, it was time to focus the full power of motion graphics on  bringing it all to life.

What makes this potentially dry subject matter such a fun video is the graphic storytelling that brings the explainer conversation to life. We created a variety of illustration styles, from tried-and-true Monty Python-esque paper cut-outs, to torn-out photos and whimsical illustrations.

The Platform Effect’s playful, creative graphic style was a break from Manhattan convention, without abandoning the brand. A good lesson that, in order to break through, sometimes you need to break rules.

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