Why Video Should Be Part of Your Brand Launch

When the workshops and focus groups and obsessing over color palettes are all complete, you get one chance to introduce your brand to the world. Months of painstaking decision making are reduced to a single first impression. You need to launch your brand with passion, energy and an emotional hook that grabs your audience immediately. You need to launch your brand with video.

Video Tells Your Brand’s Whole Story

Video is the only medium that brings your brand fully to life. When set in motion, does your brand float or pop? Does it have swagger? Maybe it charges across the screen. What kind of music fits your brand’s personality? Rock? Swelling orchestral? Pop? Give your brand a voice with narration.

By considering questions of movement and sound, your brand’s personality becomes more clearly defined. In fact, over the course of our 26 years in B2B communication, we’ve defined six video-specific elements that are essential to branding.

Creating video for the launch adds the finishing touches on your branding and gives it another dimension. Literally.

Branded Video Is Essential to Your Marketing

In B2B marketing, video has long since crossed the bridge from “nice to have” to “mission critical.” From webpage to social media to virtual conferences, video connects you with your audience and helps your message breakthrough and stand out. If a brand launches without a video, did it even happen?

Beyond the Launch: Don’t Put that Video Away Just Yet

When your company has settled back into business as usual, that video you produced for the launch will keep right on working.

A brand launch video is a great way to onboard new employees and get them excited to be part of the team. It’s the anchor on your website’s homepage. It pumps up the energy at sales meetings — and at tradeshows, whenever they resume.

A video that captures your brand’s promise and personality is a great way to build a unifying brand culture at all levels in all locations.

Blue Marble Can Help

We love a brand launch! It’s one of the moments that keeps inspiring us after 26 years in B2B video marketing. The energy, excitement, passion. Our specialists know how to set your brand in motion – whether it’s for one specific video or creating clearly defined brand guidelines for future videos. It’s what we do.  Check out some successful Brand Manifesto videos here.

If you’re interested in how video can help your business, shoot us an email. Blue Marble has been supporting businesses through video for more than 25 years, and we’ll work with you to brainstorm possibilities that fit your needs and your resources. Contact Us.

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