Making the Emotional Connection | Case Study: PrimeRx

The Request

PrimeRx, a pharmacy management software company, came to us requesting a Brand Image video that would showcase who they are and what they care about  – without any mention of products.   

The company wanted to communicate its dedication, purpose, high standards, and desire to serve. They wanted viewers to truly feel the passion PrimeRx has for supporting the work of pharmacists and the communities they serve.

The Challenges

  • To make a software company personable and relatable to their audience of pharmacists  –  to create an emotional connection
  • A strict budget, a short timeline and few company-owned assets like photos or video footage
  • A second use case: a version of the video that could hold its own against the noise and chaos of a bustling trade show that wouldn’t require a separate project.

Our Approach

After several meetings with the PrimeRx team, we spent time reviewing their thoughts, words and input and developed a  Brand Manifesto – a 90 second, heartfelt statement of  purpose and a pledge to their customers.  

With a script that personified the PrimeRx brand, our next goal was to underscore the pharmacists’ place on the front lines of healthcare through carefully chosen stock footage and stills. 

This isn’t hyperbolic: a 2022 survey showed that 58% of Americans are likely to visit a pharmacist first and 81% say they trust a pharmacist to diagnose minor illnesses.

A carefully curated music track reinforced the message and brought home the emotion behind the words. The final grace note: adding selected text to reinforce the emotion and passion in the story. It supports the narration while allowing us to meet the need for a trade-show effective video within the short timeline we were working with.

The Result

The finished video tells a compelling story of the passion and commitment behind the brand. We finished the project on time and within the budget we were given and were delighted to receive not only some quick photos of the video playing in the PrimeRx trade show booth, but also some kind words from PrimeRx’s Marketing Manager: 

Blue Marble is a Video Agency headquartered in Atlanta, with a 30-year track record of creating strategic, brand-moving videos that hit it out of the park for clients like SAP, the State of Georgia, Fiserv, Manhattan Associates, Sage, Pitney-Bowes, LEVELOR, Verizon, Georgia-Pacific and many more.  From brand manifestos to new product rollouts to customer support videos and more, we use the unique power of the medium to create an emotional connection with your viewer. Clients come to us for our award-winning creative — and then come back for our easy-to-work-with attitude and bullet-proof video production process.

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