Video. Why B2B Buyers Just Can’t Get Enough.

The power of video has never been more apparent nor more documented than it is in 2023.  B2B buyers are gobbling up video at unprecedented rates. 

According to research undertaken by LinkedIn’s B2B Institute, in 2023 alone, video consumption is expected to reach 45.4% of the global population. In terms of marketing power, data shows that video content can increase sales by 10 to 20%

Corporate marketing teams are taking notice and increasing their investment in video. LinkedIn’s B2B Marketing Benchmark research found that 59% of B2B marketers plan to increase their investment in video in 2023. 

What matters the most to B2B video viewers? The B2B Institute found that a solid  creative approach proved more memorable – and therefore more effective – for the brand. 

And that makes sense.  After all, a B2B buyer is just a regular consumer once they leave the proverbial office.  They watch TV and streaming shows, movies and commercials and have fun telling their friends about which ones they liked or hated.   

Tomorrow, when they’re watching your B2B marketing video, the bar has already been set.  If it doesn’t capture their attention in the first few seconds, hold their interest long enough to make a point and then be memorable enough for them to take action – they’re moving on without you or your product.


Blue Marble is a Video Agency headquartered in Atlanta, with a 30-year track record of creating strategic, brand-moving videos that hit it out of the park for clients like SAP, the State of Georgia, Fiserv, Manhattan Associates, Sage, Pitney-Bowes, LEVELOR, Verizon, Georgia-Pacific and many more.  From brand manifestos to new product rollouts to customer support videos and more, we use the unique power of the medium to create an emotional connection with your viewer. Clients come to us for our award-winning creative — and then come back for our easy-to-work-with attitude and bullet-proof video production process.

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