Father’s Day Special!

Great Video Moments in Bathroom Humor – Number Two


Bad puns, Dad humor, and a reminder of the value of Funny in helping your brand video break through the noise

As we head into this Father’s Day weekend, we thought we’d float a little light bathroom entertainment your way. Along with a little best practices reminder for brand marketers about the amazing value of humor for your brand video.

Comedy is Video Gold

As we told you in our earlier post – Wanna make a great B2B video? Make it funny. Yes, humor is hard, but boy is it a great way to break through, engage, and endear your audience to your brand. And bathroom humor — well, it is just ripe for the success of your next video script. 

Like we did for Georgia-Pacific. GP came to Blue Marble for help launching their revolutionary new GP Pro Compact bathroom tissue unit with Active Air Dispenser. Given its potential contribution to mankind and public restroom tranquility across the planet, we were flush with creative ideas. But in the end, we remembered the amazing power of humor, and came up with this B2B video classic, affectionately known among us Marbles as The Stank Face Video.

Here’s the video… served up especially for you irrepressible, comedy-loving Dads.  Sit back, relax and enjoy.


Happy Father’s Day! And happy brand marketing!! From Blue Marble.




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