What’s Up with How-To Videos – Pt. 1

Why How-To Videos are all the rage, and how industry leaders are taking advantage of all they have to offer. 

So much of a brand marketer’s focus is on getting new customers. And rightfully so. But as any seasoned professional knows, what happens after the sale can be just as important to the long-term, sustainable success of your company and value of your brand.

That’s why more and more companies are discovering the important role that How-To videos can play in your after-the-sale customer experience and success.

The How-To has become your customer’s Go-To

Why are so many companies relying more heavily on How-To videos? In large part, because more and more of their customers are relying on How-To videos to navigate life both at home and at the office. It’s no wonder YouTube is second only to Google for searches. 

This is the new video-focused world we live in. From Centennials to Boomers, more people than ever rely on How-To videos, and would rather go the DIY route than risk the infamously long wait times for most traditional customer support. 

And there’s another awesome benefit to the How-To video — you can rewind and watch it again and again. You can come back to it in the future.  Refer your colleagues to it.  You get the idea.  

Is your Help Center helping your brand?

Speaking of long wait times, who hasn’t felt the frustration of sitting on hold, completely unable to move forward with your project or task until a representative picks up your call or responds to your chat request.  And then, what if the rep is difficult to understand, or there’s a bad connection, or — the absolute worst — your call or chat is dropped completely, sending you to the back of the line?  It’s the #1 recipe for buyer’s remorse.  

And if your company is in the software or high-tech industries, you’re already well aware of how much support your clients will need as they make their way through the learning curve.  Not to mention every time a new employee needs to be trained on the same software or technology.  

So let’s talk about those call centers and support desks.  Not only are they expensive and difficult to staff — they also can be highly frustrating to your customers due to lost time waiting (and waiting) to be connected.  And that’s true even if your reps are well trained geniuses with superhuman customer service skills.  

The problem is, your reps get bogged down with so many repetitive, mundane questions, it makes the wait time longer for clients with bigger, more complex issues.

Video is Support for your Support desk

Video can never replace a help center for those complicated issues.  But it definitely can make customers happier with quick, easy access, reliable and consistent advice and the built-in “patience” to repeat as often as necessary.  

And with more of the mundane issues addressed by video, your support staff has a much smaller workload and are readily available for the really big challenges.

If you’re gonna do How-To Video, do it great

You spent all that time, effort and money to make that How-To Video viewer a customer. The critical sales path may be over, but the customer success path has just begun. The quality, effectiveness and overall experience your How-To video delivers can be the difference between Buyer’s Remorse and Brand Loyalty.

So what makes a great How-To Video?

That’s the subject of our How-To Videos part 2 blog post!

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