Four Reasons Humor Delivers Big for B2B Marketing Videos

If you worry that humor has no place in B2B marketing videos, it’s time to think again.

Recent research shows the power of humor for making connections with viewers. Here are four reasons to actively include humor as part of your marketing strategy.

Funny ads are memorable.
It’s probably no surprise, but business leaders are often resistant to the use of humor in marketing. In its 2022 study, “The Happiness Report”, Oracle reported that 90% of respondents say they are more likely to remember ads that are funny.  Yet 95% of business leaders say they fear using humor in customer interactions. While it’s important to understand your audience when crafting any message, taking humor out of your toolbox could limit the effectiveness of the campaign.

Funny videos are more likely to be shared.
Sharing has never been easier than it is now, and the channels for sharing are multiplying. B2B brands may love a well-researched white paper, but it’s not as likely to be shared as a funny and relatable video that can be consumed in just minutes. Internal communication tools like Slack and Teams make it even easier for coworkers to share information. Videos that provide a humorous look at a relatable circumstance are more likely to be passed around, and people are more likely to trust brands that have been recommended by friends or colleagues.

Consumers prefer brands that exhibit a sense of humor.
The Oracle study found that 80% of people are more likely to buy from a brand that uses humor and 72% of people will choose a “humorous brand” over their competition. Based on their findings, the absence of humor is a trigger too:  41% say they will avoid a brand that doesn’t make them smile or laugh.

Goodhearted humor is relatable and encourages goodwill toward the brand.
Providing a humorous take on a real-life circumstance will be relatable to the right audience, and the brands that embrace this can benefit in tangible ways. In a report released in November, 2023, the Becker Friedman Institute at the University of Chicago found that, in terms of total corporate assets, goodwill accounted for almost 7 percent of value

Here are a few examples of Blue Marble clients who have embraced the power of humor.



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