From Local to Global: Georgia’s Export Team helps Teverra Go International

Video’s always a powerful way to extend your reach. And for the Georgia Department of Economic Development’s (GDEcD) International Trade division, that reach needs to be global. So when they wanted to produce a series of three Georgia’s Export Success Stories videos, they looked to Blue Marble as their video agency of record for world-class videos.

International Results, Made in Georgia

The GDEcD’s International Trade division helps Georgia-based companies break into global markets in a variety of ways, from sponsoring trade shows to offering boots-on-the-ground connections. It’s a pipeline to international markets that many businesses aren’t aware they can use. But in using it, Teverra had already connected with Columbia’s largest petroleum company: a huge success worth talking about.

Established in 2014, Teverra (formerly Petrolern) is a clean energy company that provides solutions for geothermal energy and carbon storage, as well as courses on subsurface engineering and geosciences courses. Using older oil and gas wells, Teverra can create cleaner geothermal sources that fit into a cleaner energy mix, turning what we already know about the oil and gas industry into our energy future.

A Local Story Worth Telling, An International Story Told Well

We began with what we already knew worked: a “donut” structure that had already shown results to the GDEcD, surrounding simple stories about local business with an emotional layer. Then, the trade department helped us create a unique version with an international focus, infusing momentum and scope into a local story worth telling.

Our execution was a seamless operation, bringing creative and production work together through Blue Marble. Shooting a combination of unique interviews and b-roll in the state’s offices, we combined our original work with existing footage to show the story of success through their export team. With Blue Marble’s existing relationship with the GDEcD, it’s no surprise we were able to get from concept to execution in just a few weeks.

In the end, the video is a case study in three kinds of successes: Teverra’s, and the GDEcD’s International Trade division, and, of course, Blue Marble’s. After all, Teverra’s not the only Georgia business that offers world-class services!

To learn more about how we’ve already told stories worth telling through video, and how we can tell yours, drop us a line!

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