Go Where Your Audience Hangs Out. 11 TikTok-Inspired Videos Designed for a Younger, Social-Media-Minded Audience

Georgia is an awesome place to live and work – but why tell Millennial and Gen Z career-seekers that Georgia is bursting with job opportunities when we could show them that the peach state is the place to be – through 11 on-trend TikTok-inspired videos.

A while back, we posted a sneak peek at these super fun videos we created for the Georgia Department of Economic Development, but now that all the final cuts are ready, they’re too good not to share. 

Press Conference Video
Going back to school to get your technical degree was a big decision. But you stuck with it and now you snagged your dream job, in Georgia. We held a press conference to announce it to everyone!  Three samples from this collection:

Future Self
Present me: “Future-me, will I ever find a good job?

Future me: “Yes! ‘We found a great job. It’s in Georgia. And it is SWEET!”

Moving to Georgia was the right decision. In this series of videos, a variety of Future Selves explain how they are working a great job and bringing home the bacon.

Georgia is a smart place to get the training you need, find the career you’ll love, and enjoy the life you want to make. We’re proud to help market #georgiausa to the world!

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