Two days, 11 TikTok-inspired Videos

 At Blue Marble we’re here to help you get the most out of a shoot, often by creating more than one B2B video asset from a single production. Well, in this case, more than one video asset would be a massive understatement. Blue Marble managed to create 11 unique videos in just 2 days! That might be a record for us, but it also goes to show that with careful planning and a reliable crew, anything is possible.

Our client, the Georgia Department of Economic Development, wanted to create a TikTok-inspired video series that would grab the attention of Millennials and Gen Z workers. The message? Kickstart your career with the big opportunities happening every day in the Peach State.

Tending to Trends

Our two main video themes, “Future Self” and “Press Conference” were directly inspired by trends we’re seeing on TikTok and other social media. Naturally, all the videos were shot vertically because…that’s social media!          


Making something look DIYed, when it actually isn’t, is harder than you might think! And while we weren’t trying to go full-on DIY, we did want to capture the spirit of TikTok. Blue Marble Design Director, Chris, hit it out of the park creating DIY props like the familiar press conference microphone. Chris created a square collar with Georgia’s state logo around all four sides where a sports team’s mascot or network logo would typically go.

Home Turf

Also, Georgia has some pretty crazy county names – many are downright unpronounceable unless someone tells you how. We had a good laugh listening to the creative pronunciations our actors invented when saying their lines.

Upward Trend

Needless to say, we definitely enjoyed coming up with entertaining scenarios for this shoot, and we can’t wait to take part in another one.

If you have a big idea for your next social campaign – or need help coming up with one, don’t go it alone. Reach out online to Blue Marble or call 404-982-9552.

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