Ready to Bring Your Brand to Life in the Best Way? How About More Than One?

On the one hand, we all know brands thrive with a single, differentiating idea. On the other hand, leading a brand means recognizing that not all of your key audiences share the same point-of-view.

This was the juggling act Jack Henry, a financial services technology provider, was working on when they came to us.

The company was founded and remains rooted in the heartland. And while they have clients coast-to-coast, they will tell you what hasn’t changed is their approach to developing technology – to put people first.

Our assignment would be the crowning elements of their freshly completed comprehensive brand refresh to position their firm for the next generation.  Our challenge – bring the Jack Henry brand architecture to life on screens for every audience from customers and consultants to  investors and  employees.

The result?  Two brand manifesto films that can each stand on their own – yet fit hand-in-hand. Thanks to a set of scripts that identified key details, established a native sense of community and kept focus on brand.

When You Want Something To Feel Natural, Put It In The Script.

Could we reflect how the company has grown by tending to its roots? Could we introduce what it means not to pitch technology, but to connect the possibilities that create a sense of community? Could we go deeper than a manifesto? Putting a lens on something that feels both cinematic and approachable with the heartbeat of a hometown? That sometimes being able to swipe isn’t as convenient as being able to meet? Could we create a place people would recognize not just each other but their sense of community?

All the answers were right there, in the glowing light of a bowling alley.

The First Rule of Being on Camera: Don’t Get Caught Acting.

Casting always matters. When the story is about people – then casting matters even more.  And sometimes, actors are people who also happen to be bankers. Or  work at a bowling alley. When casting shines – people don’t see actors. They recognize themselves – and that’s what makes it feel real. 

Drop us a line or call 404-982-9552, and we’ll help answer your questions on how to bring your brand to life on the screens that matter the most to all of your audiences.

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