Text in Videos: The Unsung Hero in B2B Marketing

Let’s consider one of our favorite tools for B2B videos: – text. 

While we’ve all been diligently adding captions for accessibility, recent studies are here to shout from the rooftops about the extra value text can bring to the B2B video game.

How often do you find yourself watching a video in public, without headphones? If you kill the sound, you’re golden, right? It’s okay, you’re not alone. According to Verizon,  a whopping 92% of consumers watch video without sound. And half of that number hit the back button if there are no captions or text. 

And here’s the latest from Vimeo – using captions can boost your view time by a solid 12%. Anything that holds your audience’s attention just a little bit longer – that’s the kind of magic we’re talking about.

Now, here’s the secret sauce: don’t just slap on captions like an afterthought. 

Design that text right into the video for maximum impact. Well-crafted text on screen doesn’t just keep viewers interested; it can be the eye-catching bait for social media scrollers.

When captions are seamlessly woven into the video, they become emotional powerhouses. They don’t just convey words; they evoke feelings. Emotional videos are memorable videos. People remember and, most importantly, they take action because they were moved.

Whether it’s on your website, in a social post or being shown to a live audience,  , text is the trusty sidekick you can always count on.  It holds their interest, emphasizes emotional connections, and etches the content into their memory. 

Result? More memorable, more actionable content.

Of course, the payoff to the video is the call to action. Don’t just assume your viewers know what to do next. Spell it out, be specific, and watch the benefits roll in. A clear call to action – woven visually into the video –  is the finishing touch that turns a viewer into an engaged participant.

For us, text is more than just words on the screen – it’s the best through-line you can create to increase the success of your B2B video.

Want to see an example?  Sometimes the text supports the visuals, and sometimes the text is the star. And that’s the case with this Manhattan Associates video.

Blue Marble is a Video Agency headquartered in Atlanta, with a 30-year track record of creating strategic, brand-moving videos that hit it out of the park for clients like SAP, the State of Georgia, Fiserv, Manhattan Associates, Sage, Pitney-Bowes, LEVELOR, Verizon, Georgia-Pacific and many more. From brand manifestos to new product rollouts to customer support videos and more, we use the unique power of the medium to create an emotional connection with your viewer. Clients come to us for our award-winning creative — and then come back for our easy-to-work-with attitude and bullet-proof video production process.

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