3 Reasons Why Summer is the Time for Video

Summer days can seem endless. But guess what? Fall conferences and trade shows will be swooping in like a flock of seagulls before you’ve got time to finish your last mojito.

Hold on to Your Summer Zen

We get it: the beach is calling!  You’re ready to dive into a sparkling pool – not a new project.  But what happens when you return with that fresh tan, only to realize that work’s been hiding just around the corner, ready to attack? You got it: a last-minute scramble that’s going to leave you needing a vacation right after your vacation.

Get Us Started Now –  Then Head for the Beach

In just a quick video chat or two, you can get our teams off to a  running start on  concept development, scripts and storyboards now, while you pack your bags and head for points unknown. 

There’s a good chance you’ll be back home just as we’re ready for your approvals on the bulk of our pre-production work. Planning on being away longer?  Approvals on production schedules, scripts and storyboards usually can be handled with emails or a few quick chats. 

So don’t just sunbathe in the seasonal slowdown, get a jump on the fall scramble!

Doze on the Sand, Pounce on the Fall

Right now, while the rest of the world is out catching rays, we’re here – ready to dive-in  on videos designed to make waves.

Drop us a line. We’ll fill you in on how you can use summer to stay cool and collected for the fall!

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